Has anyone had an M&G assessment centre? Or know of what it consists!?

Thanks guys


hey jepo8,

probably you have already passed the telephone interview, thus I would like to know what sort of questions do they ask…I have mine next week and it is for the Audit scheme.

Looking forward to your reply.



Anyone heard back for the Investment Internship 2012?


Ok, just had my telephone interview, and as there is no information and it was difficult for me to prepare for it, I hope I can help someone. Here it goes:

  • it was very short - exactly 18min, when I was expecting 40 :), whether this is a good or a bad sign - I really don’t know
  • the HR was really nice, as they always are
  • why you want to work in Investment Management?

That was it
good luck to all of you!


Hi Sasha. Thanks for this. Just wondering, how long did it take for them to confirm you had a telephone interview after you had done the numerical and logical tests?


Okay thanks




hi guys, I have an assessment centre with M&G soon - has anybody here had one yet?


Hi has anyone had the assessment centre for corporate management yet?