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Hey guys,

Let’s discuss applications for 2015 here. Has anyone been invited to the Video Interview so far?




Hi guys. I have a video interview with M&G investments next week. I have applied for the investment graduate scheme. Can you guys tell me what kind of interview is this? What kind of questions do they ask?


Took the video interview last week. Has anyone heard back?

Questions depend on the question set u are given


What questions did you get and what question set were they from?
Also what position did you apply for?
I have my interview this week.

Thanks in advance


What questions did you get and what question set were they from?
Also what position did you apply for?
I have my interview this week.

Thanks in advance


Hi Tom, which set did you get? Mine is set 5, I applied for risk mgmt grad programme. Can you please share your questions here? thx loads!


i applied for investment
I looked at all the old posts on M&G, but the questions I received were completely different…

the first question is the same for everyone i think
Dont remember the questions completely but one was on commercial awareness and how recent issues affect the investment management industry.
ALso had question on strength/weakness, favourite subject. Was also asked to say something interesting about the firm, so make sure you do your research.
And it finished off with telling them about my hobby.


Hi, I was wondering which question set you had?


Hi Celiali. How’s your digital interview going on? What questions have you come across? Could you share with us? Thanks in advance.


Hiya. The questions are all competency and motivation based, apart from one being what if the world population doubled… Good luck!


hey, I just finished my video interview for M&G, it had 8 questions, 6 of them were same with other mentioned before, like why investment management industry, why this scheme?, No competency questions, but it has a case study, you need to choose five clients from a long client list, you will have 20 mins to prepare it and 5 mins to present it. last one is to add something about your qualifications which you didn’t have chance to mention.
Hope it helps.


In my video interview I was not asked that question on case study about the clients. I only had seven questions. Is it possible that I somehow skipped that one question by mistake. Thank you


I don’t think that would be possible, have u paid attention on the left right corner. There shows the process, like 5/7 or 5/8, the last number means how many questions u had. Mine one had a written test as well, btw, Mine one is commercial graduate scheme :slight_smile:


thanks for the response. Maybe there were just 7 questions… although its been more than a month and they have not gotten back to me


I c, no worries. they always take ages :slight_smile:



Has anyone heard from them after the video interview yet ? I applied for the investment graduate programme.
I took it two weeks ago and still no news. Hope this means good news :)).


no… that is not good news. M&G takes time after the video interviews to respond. They respond to all the candidate at once after some time i guess


I just received the Commercial Management Graduate Scheme Video Invitation this morning. Anyone have done this before?


I took the video interview at least a month ago… Do you think they’re waiting the deadline for applications before letting us know about the next stages ?