M&G Investment Trainee Programme


Anyone else receive the email asking for the answer to an extra question (250 words)? Anyone been invited for an interview or rejected by them yet? Bit weird, the deadline for the answer is tomorrow at 12 so guess they’ll be making their invites soon if haven’t done so already.


Got the same email. Dont think they have gone any further.


Same here. I have a question. You guys have any idea what kind of qualifications they are looking for? Because I do not get many replies, have not been invited to any interviews, despite the fact that I am CFA Level 2, 2 yrs full-time analytical experience in asset management and finishing masters in corporate economic (in Prague, top 5 business scholl in CEE accordnig to FT.com) w/ solid to very good grades (average around 79%). Is it just the fact that I am from the Czech Republic (fluent english, lived in US, speak 3 other CEE languages, 2 of them native)?

I apologize to anyone who might find my post annoying, but I am getting little annoyed and want to know why am I so out of favor.

Thanks a lot for any hints and good luck to you all…



Anyone got any news yet?



Just got an invitation for an abstract online test. Does anybody know what is that exactly?


Got the same email. 48hrs to take it, can imagine that will force a few people out, due to the date (a lot of people away, check emails less frequently etc)

No clue about the test, not heard anything about it. I’ll probably just take it this eve.


When did you guys get the email about it, I didn’t get one…


^^ 1hr ago.


any idea on compensation on this program?


can you guys say how the test was when you do it? I am yet to receive it :frowning:


maybe they just thought we’re so good we don’t have to do it…haha can only hope



I have just taken the test… abstract reasoning… difficult to say how it was, never met similar ones at any of the graduate schemes…


Didn’t get it either.

Bizarre time to be sending them out.


Oh my god, I’ve never been so relieved to get an online abstract test haha


Was it easy? Does anyone know what will be happening after this test? anyone with experience from M&G process?



Can anyone comment on the test? Just received mine and would quite like to pass it :slight_smile:



its really tough to get into M&G investments. Its not about your qualifications is just how many people they take in.
For the investment side, they take in as little as 5 people a year. So hopefully it turns out in your favour.



anyone applied for compliance programme?


Which position you guys are after and when did you apply?
I went for Equities & FI Investment Trainee but havnt got the test yet…
I hope it doesnt mean I v been rejected…


Anyone else get sent the numerical and verbal?

Anyone done them? easy/hard?