M&G investment Graduate Programme 2019


Hey guys,

Has anyone been invited to the Video Interview so far?
What kind of questions in this interview?

Any questions and replies are welcomed.

Thanks in advance.:grinning:


hey i recently completed the video interview. there are about 14 questions, with 60 seconds to answer and 30 seconds to prepare.

1 - difficult task
2 - your best achievement
3 - your background and experience
4 - do the benefits of teamwork outweigh the drawbacks
5 - is factual data important
6 - when have u challenged unethical behaviour and when would u not challenge
7 - name, degree graduation date
8 - hobby that causes u to lose track of time
9 - a time u have been demotivated/unenjoyable task
10 - when have u almost gave up on something
11 - spent 4 weeks on project, new info causes fundamental change, how do u feel and what do u do
12 - why is it important to ensure issues are fully resolved and communicated
13 - anything more