M&G commercial management interview


Hey guys I have a commercial management face to face interview coming up with M&G. It’s apparently an hour long competency interview, but that I’ll need to arrive 45min early to complete preparation work. Anyone able to share any details? Many thanks!


Hi Tabby! How was the interview? Any insight on what the prep work is about? I could really use some advice!


Hey Matt the interview was fine, all competency, personality & motivation questions. As for the prep work, you can’t prepare for it. You’ll get given a bunch of info and have to make a short presentation on it. Don’t worry it’s reasonably simple just make sure you stick to the questions asked.


Hey guys,

I got invited to the digital interview for Commercial Management grad scheme yesterday. Has anyone done it? Any insight what questions to expect? How long will it last?


the digital interview is only about 10min. mostly standard motivation questions - why IM? why CM? one was something like which company do you admire? last question is what questions do you want to ask?


Hey, I have an interview this Wednesday, almost a year later hahah did you get the job in the end?