LTT audit department at PwC??????????


Does anyone know what the LTT audit department at PwC stands for? I’ve been sent an email asking me to choose between I&IM, B&CM, TICE, CIPS, LMT and LTT. I know what all the others are but not sure what LTT is and I can’t find anything on PwC’s website.




LTT- London top tier - working with FTSE 100 firms, I think they have merged CIPS are TICE or are in the process of doing so. Might be worth emailing them find out exactly what it involves as their isn’t much information on it at the moment. I only found out about it at my AC. When is your start date? Have you had your contract through yet?


Oh I see, cheers for letting me know. Yeah I’ve got my contract through and my start date is September 2009, how about you?


had my AC on friday and got on offer for the same day for london assurance as well, they said I should get my contract just after xmas. Still deciding whether to start in September 2009 or April 2010 because I want to do some travelling before I become locked into the real world. Are you joining assurance? What are your thoughts on which sector to join? They don’t really tell you much about them, I was hoping to hear some presentations or something about each of them so that I could make up my mind.


Yep am joining assurance; not sure which department I want to join as I like both B&CM and LTT even though I know they’re really different. There are some open days for ppl who are joining in 2009 in jan/feb next year where I think they go through the different departments so will probably decide then. I’m sure you’ll get the e-m inviting you to them once you’ve accepted the job.


It depends what you want to do really! B&CM will be hard work- only do this if you’re interested in financial services in the long run!