Lse grad - how good are my chances, thnx sophie

Finance and Accounting

hey guys, i just graduated from LSE with a 2.1 in finance and accounting. Im applying for banking this year but was wondering how good my chances are. My first year was done a part time basis due to family problems and i didnt get a summer internship. The closest I got was shortlisted for equity research at HSBC , and an ac for RBS sales (full time). I did easter banking internships and have got accounting experience during the summer. During my first year I also worked at a market research company doing surveys for financial institutions. Im worried about having no main summer internship and my extenuating circumstances and how this will reflect. I do have good extra curriculars at uni and outside. Does it sound like i have a realistic shot at fo or bo? Thanks for all your help guys , sophie.


With the “classic” finance & accounting degree from LSE you should be fine. :slight_smile:

Just make sure you put the effort in the applications and also, pick a role that suits and that YOU are suited for. Also, since you are a girl, you have some advantages since there are few women in banking. But I suggest you aim for roles that tradionally get filled with more women (operations, sales, equity research, etc)


erm equity research is not filled with more woman… sexism aside she has a chance to get in as long as she networks during the career events and plays her card right and knows what she wants to do. Without a sense of direction = waste of time and energy.

If she is good with people then obviously sales is an option. Though these days I seen too many sales type of people without any technical ability it makes me cringe…


ok here is what i think, you can search for and apply for minority programmes such as women in finance or SEO if you are in those groups.

your background looks average to me. (i.e. they get 1000s of such CVs), better to diversify your chances by applying in other industries as well.

also apply to fulltime roles 1st, failling that , apply to internships. (lots of people do this)

good luck.


I agree with the others JamJar. You seem to have a good list of points which you can easily justify at an interview.

As for myself, I have not done any banking internships, but have got a range of entrepreneurial experience as well as strong engineering internships. I am about to begin my 3rd year at a top 5 UK university, enrolled on an engineering course. How good are my chances on breaking into the industry?

Note: I am a girl from indian origin.