Low A-Level Grade, Big 4


Hi all,

I’m in my final year and expecting to graduate with a first in Accounting and Finance at University of Surrey. However I didn’t do well with my A-Level (200 points) that I did outside of UK. I applied to 2 of the big 4 and they rejected me.There was a extenuating circumstance but i find it hard to prove as it was a fail investment that cost me dearly due to financial crash. There is no evidence for me to shows as I used proxy - brother - to deal with shares. My venture ended up with debts, from brothers and friends, and i have to work while studying for A-Level to pay off the debt. In those 2 applications i made, i didn’t put this explanation in the commentary box provided as I’m afraid I couldn’t prove it.

I am in real need of help as I will be graduating soon. I wonders if I should resit my A-Level so that I can prove that my A-Level grade that I did 4 years ago was not a true reflection of my abilities and what I can offer to the Big 4. Or maybe, i should just wait until i graduate with a first so that it can compensate my A-Levels.

For your information, my A-Levels grade was reasonable in the country that I did my A-Levels. I managed to get interviews with the Big 4 of the country.

Thank you in advance.


Sorry, if you do not meet the requirements they will reject you without a doubt. Like you said you can’t seem to prove your EC so that PROBABLY won’t change anything even if you do put it into your application.

Also with regards to resits, they only look at 1st attempts as stated on their website.

Therefore only solution, look outside the Big4 (though with only 200 UCAS points that could be a problem), or without sounding offensive, you may want to go back to the country which the Big4 gave you an interview as like you said you got a bigger chance there.

Hope this helps.


PWC have an Inspired Talent programme through which my friend applied: http://www.pwc.co.uk/careers/student/careers/graduate/inspired-talent.jhtml

I’m not sure about the other 3 of the Big 4.


Thank you for your replies.

@Jaz, did your friend managed to get an offer?


No, unfortunately she didn’t. I think competition was high for the service line and location she applied for. Good luck!