Lovells Assessment Day



I’ve got the Lovells Assessment Day coming up next week for training contracts and it would be really helpful if anyone could give some more information about their assessment day.
thanks a lot


I’m afraid I haven’t got much on this. Take a look at our wiki - Lovells | WikiJob - I’ll try to find out more specifics. If you could post up more after your interview, it would be greatly appreciated!

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I also have an assessment day next week with Lovells. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Yantee… could you give us the low-down on your [[assessment centre]]?!


yes, pls yantee! your help wud be greatly appreciated!



I have an assesment day coming up and any advice at all would be really appreciated! Especially in terms of the team exercise.
I had an interview with A&O last year if I can help anybody with that?