looking for suggestions about the 1st interview in EY


i am looking for suggestions about the 1st interview in EY.
The interview is next week. The position i am applying for is Actuarial - Pensions. Anybody got interviews in this position before?
Or anybody can give some examples of questions they would ask recently?

Thank you very much!


I recently had an interview for actuarial but it was in general insurance but i’m sure that the interview wont be too dissimilar. They asked the general question; Give an example of when you have worked in a team, what was your role? Shown leadership? Used your initiative? When have you creatively used your initiative? Give an example of when you’ve had to solve a problem and how did you go about solving it. Did you face any problems and how did you deal with them? What is your understanding of the services e&y provides in your sector and the company as a whole? Why do you want to work for e&y? Who are e&y’s main competitors, what do you think of them? Have you experienced any difficulties working in a team, and if so how did you go about solving them? What is your understanding of the work involved to qualify as an actuary?

This is about all I can remember, I hope it helps.


mbbx5es2… do you do a maths degree at Manchester Uni by any chance?!


I did, was it my name that gave me away by any chance!! I take it you studied maths at manchester? Have you just graduated?


It most certainly was your name! No I am still there… mbbx6rg2. How strange! Have you just graduated then?



Thank you very much for your information! It helps me a lot~

One more question. I got the email to inform me about the 1st interview yesterday, buti find in the online application system, there is no link to book the interview time yet. So, do i need to email them and ask?


If it’s all online I would imagine that there may just be no slots yet. Either that or they will ring you and arrange a time I would think.


Excuse me. No slots? What does it mean

But the email said what i need to do is logging on and choose the time appropriate for me.


No time slots. You know, they haven’t any available times when there are interviewers available to interview you. Keep checking back and I’m sure some times will eventually be listed and then you can choose one.


ha~~i see. Thank you!!!:slight_smile:

So you already got its offer?


No I have the assessment day coming up. Someone rang me to arrange my interview though because I had had to wait so long as all the interviewers were originally really busy so don’t worry about it, you’ll be given a time :slight_smile:


I got called to arrange an interview time as well, so i don’t know about booking online! I also have an assessment day coming up it was meant to be on the 5th but they have had to cancel it so they are trying the rearrange it for the 10th but I have 2 other assessment days that week so i don’t think i can do it!! When is yours rachel, what are you applying to do and where? Yeah I have graduated and it is an absolute nightmare working full time and applying for graduate placements, starting to wish I have done it last year!!!


Yeah I thought it was bad enough trying to keep up with uni work and do it so must be terrible with a full time job!
I only had my interview on Wednesday so they’ve said they’ll contact me soon to arrange it. I’m applying to Tax in the Manchester office. What about you? And wow, good going for getting invited to all those AC’s although 3 in one week is a little excessive! Where are your other AC’s?


Hi mbbx5es2, have you had your AC yet? If yes, please can you tell me about the report writing and the group discussion exercise. What was your topic and did you find it hard?


I can’t help you i’m afraid i didn’t end up going in the end as i got the job i wanted, sorry!! But i wouldn’t worry bout it too much from my experience of AC’s there is very little you can do to prepare!!!


Hi mbbs5es2, rachel and surbhimehra,
I have a first round interview with EY coming up next week and I applied to Actuarial-Life insurance. Do you guys mind telling me more about the questions they ask in the first interview? I was told they’ve changed the format from competency based to strength based but just wanna confirm does it apply to actuarial as well?
Really appreciate your help here.