Looking for advice, Goldman Sachs or Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse
Goldman Sachs


I am now studying in a French school and will have a 6 months internship. I got two offers,

1, Goldman Sachs, Equities Micro Sales group (London), strats role. This group mainly designs trading strategies and group them into baskets and sell to costumers.
2, Credit Suisse, Systematic Market Making group (Paris) This group also focuses on trading strategies but plays with their own money.

My long term goal is to work on automatic trading, or trading in general, either in sell side or buy side. From this aspect, CS SMM group seems to be a better place. However, I also need to consider the reputation (GS > CS generally speaking), places (London > Paris). So now I am really hesitating.

I would appreciate it a lot if anyone could give me some advice, for example, your knowledge about these two groups, how it affects future careers, etc.

Thank you in advance!


Hi zwang,

Do you mind sharing your interview experience for these two internships? I am also interested in the internship in Systematic Market Making group.

Thank you.