Longest wait for a response after partner interview?


Hey guys,

Beginning to panic a bit after hearing people on here get offered jobs apparently within minutes of leaving…! I had my partner interview with BDO last Thursday and still haven’t heard anything :frowning: I guess that means it’s bad news? Emailed the student recruitment guys yesterday and no response. Anyone else had to wait this long?


I wouldn’t stress about this mate. I had an assessment day with BDO recently and waited about 6 working days for a response. I think the people who got immediate responses might have been from previous intakes (though I’m not certain), when the volume of applications was not close to what it is now. BDO’s HR team is probably weighed down dealing with all these applications, so I wouldn’t read much into the timing, though I guess its getting you more and more nervous! Good luck!


Did they say how long they would take??

I would just call up, cant do any harm!


Ok, I have set up my own account just so I can have a rant on this board.

I went to a Smith and Williamson assessment day and was told I would hear within a week - if not, then I should give them a call. I then phoned them about 7 or 8 times over the next 5 weeks, being constantly told that they would get straight back to me, and I felt they were quite hostile on occasions even though I somehow managed to stay calm. Finally I sent an email to their recruitment team, 5 and a half weeks after the assessment day, saying that I really want to hear back because I’m so passionate about working for them. They then sent me an email the next day saying I’d failed.

5 and a half weeks. Un Be Lieve A Ble


5 and a half weeks!!! I am an international applicant (studied in the UK) and flew down because I have a few interviews in London (my final one is an assessment day with SMITH AND WILLIAMSON). So basically if you do not hear anything from them within a week you are unsuccessful? There is no way I can stick around for that amount time to just wait for a response. Sorry about your experience Diceman.


That sounds like an awful experience Diceman. When I had my phone interview with Smith and Williamson it took me three weeks to get a response out of them - this was with me calling every couple of days after the week response time was up . Eventually they told me I’d gotten through to assessment centre so not hearing within a week is not a sign of rejection - unfortunately you just have to be patient as they don’t seem to have the fastest HR in the world.


Ooh forgot I’d posted this question! Diceman that’s awful! Sorry to hear that, glad I haven’t had anything like that happen…yet.
I ended up emailing a second time and got a phone call telling me I haven’t been rejected, but they’ve now decided to put my application on hold while they interview some more candidates for the position, after telling me they had selected the final candidates. :frowning: So now I’m just stressed and confused and waiting. I guess it means I was good enough to not get rejected straight out, but they want to see if there’s anyone better out there?! Ah well. Fingers crossed.


Unfortunately Diceman, I have a situation that trumps yours.
I’m not going into details because quite frankly I am so annoyed right now. Basically I have just heard from EY that I have been rejected, after starting my application back in October. Up to the first partner interview was ok, that was in December, but since then I have had nothing but problems.
It has taken them 9 weeks for them to decide that there weren’t enough spaces in my office for tax and arrange an interview for audit, and then it took almost 2 weeks for them to make a decision following that. It would have been a lot longer I am sure if I had not been constantly chasing them up about what is going on.
Anyone who has reached final stages will know how much that wait after puts your life on hold, but to be put through that for 11 weeks is absolutely ridiculous.


They just know they can mess us around cos there are so many applicants this year. Frankly I wouldn’t have dreamt of accepting the job if that is how they treat their potential future employees. Shocking. Feeling very sorry for ya JO87 as my wait felt unbearable.


Yeah JO87 that sucks! It’s so unfair to keep people waiting when we’re sat worrying about our futures. I understand they’re very busy, but just an update on the situation would help. The girl I spoke to was really nice, but she promised to update me last Friday haven’t heard as of yet. I’ve now been waiting 2 and a half weeks since my interview and I’m going crazy. I’m trying to write my thesis and end up just sitting staring at my phone hoping for a response!


Smith & Williamson and BDO HR departments are a total joke in my experience




The longest I’ve had to wait is about 2 weeks. I think it depends on how well you’ve done on the assessments. I heard that usually they tell the people who have done either very well or very badly straight away. The people who fall in the middle have to wait a little longer. I have found this to be true both ways. When I did very well I heard within a day or 2. When I failed I also heard within a day or 2.