Long Hours Culture


Why do we in the UK and those in the USA appear to work such long hours? I’ve worked in one other European country and the culture there was very much 9 to 5.

Has this phenomena developed as a result of so many people feeling compelled to put in so many unpaid hours?

Should government rather outlaw unpaid overtime rather than try to limit the working week? I believe making unpaid overtime illegal would be beneficial to the economy (through increased employment and better health and social well being) and that this should be the focus of government efforts rather than working time.

I believe that people of do not realise the impact of their ‘free’ overtime. If everyone works 2 hours extra a day on a continuous basis, then we could create one extra job for every four existing jobs!! Your salary is also 25% lower!! Is it fair for you to subsidise shareholders?


don’t know where you worked but i need to get a job there!!!

you ideas on stopping unpaid overtime are certainly worth thinking about and you are right, it might stop all the ridiculous hours!!

One downside might be even more narrowly defined jobs, but i guess paid overtime or time off might work to make up for month ends.

We should push for it!!! :slight_smile:


Your ideas on banning unpaid overtime are certainly interesting and for one, i think it would be a good thing to introduce!!

Why should we subsidise the shareholders or partners??



We certainly need something to stop companies getting away with forcing their staff to work excessive hours and limiting the hours certainly doesnt seem to be working. I’m not in favour of the French system of 35 hour weeks, that’s for sure.