londonmet, southampton, big4


Hi guys,
what would you do if you have an offer(MSc in Accounting and Finance) from londonmet and southampton university. which would you go.

advantages of going to
londonmet: city, cheaper and part time job
southampton: good reputation, education

what are your views about those universities?
just give me some clues


I think generally Southampton University has a better reputation than London met, so the level of teaching, level of service from the careers department, etc, etc, may be better at Southampton. Southampton is also cheaper, for pretty much everything, apart from commuting to London, which you may need to do to attend interviews if you haven’t already scored a job.

However, living in London is more exciting (though more expensive), and you can start to build up a network, that you can further develop when you start working. Any networks you make in S’ton, you’ll have to leave when/if you move back to London.

Personally, I’d pick London, because I like it. Others may want a year in a quieter place before a lifetime in the city. Things like this really come down to personal preference - you’d certainly have a good experience at both institutions. Think about specifics of each course, and each uni that suit you personally. For example, are there certain things on a course which you find more interesting than the other course?


I disagree. Southampton is the better university, and you should go there. This is particularly because all firms have a preferred list of universities from which they recruit, and generally speaking better uni’s appear higher on the list. Besides, you have the rest of your life to live in London so I wouldn’t rush it.

Furthermore a good number of your friends from Southampton will probably end up moving to London anyway.


…not ALL firms have a prefered list of universities! In fact, notably in recent times some firms have started to actively recruit from Universities from outside the Russel group, because they are keen to recruit a more diverse range of graduates. However, its true the ‘’‘Big 4’’’ do still tend to recruit almost entirely from the best regarded top 20 - 25 universities in the UK.

However, although some firms do have a strict list of universities they recruit from, this relates primarily to Bachelors degrees. Where you collected your MA from, is less important than having an MA.



thanks guys for your views. i am still not sure of where to go.
southampton course structure is away better with balance on fin and cost acc. while londonmet mainly focused on financial acc.
my main concern is landing a job upon graduation. 8 out of 10 people recommend southampton.

any other inputs appreciateds.


I would go for the reputation of the University rather than the city! I think it’s all about priorities. You’re doing a Masters for the qualification first and foremost and not for the city life so I would go for the higher ranking University.