Please can someone give me some insight into what it’s like being graduate in London. I’m thinking about applying to work in London as an accountant but want to find out what its like working and living in London.

Do graduates tend to share houses together, or would i find that most grads will live at home and commute? How much more expensive is it to work in London compared with a regional office?


Most people share houses together, or live with their parents at first and then move to shared accomodation. Firms will set you up with other graduate trainees if you would be looking for other people to live with. Personally though, I wouldn’t want to share a house with 3 or 4 other accountants. Can you imagine the fridge? Everything would be labelled with people’s names. I suppose the bills would be worked out very accurately though.

Living in London is expensive. A flat including bills costs about £500 - £800 a month depending on how nice a place you’re looking for. You wouldn’t want to look for anywhere less than £500 a month, unless you’re happy sharing a box room with polish chefs in a house with no living room. Check Gumtree…

Travel in London is about £30 a week and nights out are a minimum of £40. Any London salary weighting will be insignificant. For example, you might get £3k more a year starting at a firm in London compared to a firm in Manchester, but you can easily live for half the price you would in London, in Manchester. Bear this in mind!