London or St Albans



I’m about to apply to the big 4 but unsure on which location to choose. I’m 30 minutes away from St Albans and 45 minutes away from the big four offices in London.

I’m just asking for some advice on which location to choose from? Do any of you have some information regarding the number of graduate positions available? difference in work load? or just general advice?


Hi urap0101,

For KPMG, it depends what area you’d like to work within. St. Albans focuses more on Middle Markets, whilst the London office has more of a broad range of business areas to work within. Workload is fairly similar, but it will probably be the case that with St.Albans you’ll be on certain client sites longer, whereas with London, you’ll visit a lot more client sites. Also, for St.Albans office, only Tax and Audit are offered, whereas London has more of a wide variety of roles.

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Good luck with your applications.

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