London Metropolitan University - Part Time Finance Degree


I am, I suggest, amongst a number of graduates who wish to take postgraduate studies but cannot fund these without working. With that view in mind I started to look for some part-time studies but I have found they are limited in the area of finance Is that the view of others?
What I did discover was the London Metropolitan University, about which I know little, runs a MSc in International Banking and Finance. The course attracts due to its international focus as this in my mind is where business is headed. The international world is the future so this degree is well placed.
The course is to develop abilities with a particular focus on a thorough understanding of the international financial markets in which businesses operate and an understanding of corporate policies in the areas of capital investment, financing, acquisitions and restructuring. The rapid integration of international capital markets, the worldwide accessibility of investment funds and the continuous development of new and sophisticated financial products require business managers to understand how these changes affect the operations of their businesses and react accordingly. That course description seems appropriate for the current business atmosphere but I do wonder about the depth and strength of the course.
As this is a relatively new university and the business school even more recently established I would like some feedback as to the quality of their output.
The other factor which this degree has to offer is that the payment terms include the facility to pay £1,000 for every 20 credit module. This certainly makes payment easier and will probably attract students.
Thoughts please?