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London Business School

I’ve recently been considering the prospect of going back to do a PhD and have looked at London Business School as an option. Does anyone have any particular experience of doing a PhD in this place and if so how did you choose which specific programme to follow? Is there any flexibility if you start on one programme and you want to move on to another one or if the topic spans two areas is there some form of flexibility on this?
It seems that the school has some really good structures in place, particularly when it comes to the use of placements lecturers and this seems very attractive to me as it enables me to work with a wide variety of people. Has anyone been part of this and if so how did it work in reality?
Sorry for the 20 questions but it’s a big shift for me so any suggestions gratefully received.



I was not a student there but before my present position I was a PhD supervisor there. This means I cannot tell how students see it, save that the level of students attracted suggests that the alumini appear to have been hard at work with word of mouth recommendations.
With respect to flexibility there are elements of this but generally once a proposal has been submitted and agreed then it is more or less set in stone. However if the framework of the proposal remains the same but you wish to change some chapters then that would be considered by the supervisor. The problem is that of you wish to have a vast degree of flexibility it may well mean a change of supervisor and that is not always feasible.
The good part to the school is that whilst there is a bank of resident lecturers there is also a panel of external experts who can be called upon to lecture. These are not always members of academia and indeed there is a distinct benefit of they are not. I can recall many years ago the great Lord King lecturing on management and his views of Peter Drucker and it was most useful as he could teach from an application viewpoint. Not many years ago Sir Richard Branson gave a series of lectures on marketing and some really fresh thinking was present. This is the beauty of LBS in that they will extend the boundaries.