Logica Assessment Center


Has anyone been to an assessment day for Logica’s graduate programme? I would highly appreciate anyones experience on this. Furthermore, if someone has one comming up next month (PTS practice), I would like to hear from you so we can network before the event.


Hi JohnyD,

Actually today I got an email from logica about verbal, abstract and numerical Test. so please guide me asap.





I took the online tests last year October to be precise and was told i passed but I still haven’t been invited for telephone interview. How long did it take before you guys were invited?


I Think they got vacancise now and its the time to move on. so I submit my test today for verbal and abstract and 2rw gona do my numerical. so guys tell me how long it gona take to know that you passessd your online assessments test.


I did the tests last year, nothing unusual just the standard numerical and verbal reasoning that you can practice on many sites,
[http://www.assessmentday.co.uk/102-3-3-7.html assessmentday.co.uk]

I had my telephone interview about 4 months after the test, you need to know what the company does, competitors, what you will do in your role and be able to answer the competency questions on their key competencies (these can be found on their graduate website). Test outcome comes within 7 days.

Overall I am VERY happy with the recruitment process so far, all the HR staff are very professional, polite and friendly, they also seem to have a good deal of technical understanding, so you are able to engage them with some concise and relevant technical achievements during the tel interview.

Furthermore I really appreciate the personal contact they provide, once you successfully complete the tests they contact you directly rather than from some anonymous corporate auto-mailer. You are then able to interact and consult them freely, replies are very quick.

Just over 3 weeks until my assessment center now, so still looking for anyone with experience or fellow candidates who will be attending.


I complete my all three online test today and submit. now see what gona be the outcome. i m bit worry about my numerical test was bit tough for me…so do u know how day gona be assess my test…


Usually at this stage, they are looking for you to be above the 30th percentile, so if you did better than 30% of others who took the test, you are likely to pass. Good luck.


You mean by 30% in each test or overall average of three verbal, abstract and numerical. because i am not much confident about the numerical one. I did my best but wast some more time on one particualr question. so nearly manage 13 question.


I think you need to be better than the standard percentile on all 3 tests separately.


When i m gona hear about my initial online tests results. I completed these test on the 26Feb and 27Feb respectivily. Thanks


staycool_khan did u get the result of your tests?


staycool_khan did u get the result of your tests?


I finally had my telephone interview and think i was shi** but will hear from them soon.


Anybody going to the Assessment Centre this week?


Please can someone let me know how were the logica online tests…difficulty level etc. Is it shl type? Also, how many questions are asked for abstract, numerical and verbal reasoning and the time alloted for each section?

Also, last week I answered pwc online test and failed to clear it…so please can someone let me know whether logica is more difficult or easier than pwc and do i need more practice before taking the test??


HI JohnyD,

Have you gone through assessment day? How was the assessment? Did they declare result on the same day? Anyone appearing for assessment day in this month?



I did the tests 25th of April and they said I passed. The tests are not that difficult. At least not as difficult as KPMGs’ and the likes…
You will be given 20 minutes each for the numerical and abstract and can’t really remember the verbal but it was a little over 20 minutes for more than 20 questions.
You will not be able to see how many questions you have attempted. However, you have a stop clock that ticks away.
All the best!!!
They said they will get back to me on 30th April. Please I’d like to know how many days from that day, will telephone interview be?
And will appreciate more tips on what is being asked during the Telephone interview.


hi dek278…Thank for the reply… even i cleared d tests and they said they will get2 me b4 31st May… Did you do the telephonic interview? do let me know how it was…thanks…


Thats good news. I have not done the telephone interview.


hello everybody,

I have cleared the Logica online test. last friday one of the HR manager called me up and I will be having my Telephonic interview on Tuesday, 18th May. I am a bit nervous abt it as it will be my 1st ever telephonic interview.
all the possible Q i have prepared but i have 1 doubt. Who are the main competitors of Logica ? If anyone has appeared for Tel interview, pls let me know about this and any other possible Q.

Thanks in advance.
Cheers !!!