Llyods Banking Group - Major error on their application forms

The Graduate

I am in serious need of help here. I believe that Lloyds have completely messed up their applications.

Before applying it states you are required 280 UCAS points [which I have]. However, when I go to fill in the secondary education section it states it wants my top 3 A Level results with no option to add any further qualifications. This is once again a complete error in failing Scottish students.

Although I am not familiar with the English education system I am led to believe that 5 Highers are what would be the equivalent for one sitting that the graduate schemes are looking for.

Now fair enough if Llyods only want your top 3 qualifications. However, the problem arises in that if a student has 3 A grade highers they will still not be able to apply going by this application form. I do not see how this is logical or fair.

Llyods also do not have a contact number or email address so I guess I can just rule out applying here.