Lloyds TSB Leadership Grad Finance Telephone Interview


Is there anyone out there that has done this?

  • Any help with this would be really helpful,
  • What questions were asked



I had a telephone interview on Thursday and these are the sort of questions I was asked:

-Why Lloyds TSB?
-Why this graduate programme?
-What importance does the discipline you have applied to, have in the day to day running of Lloyds TSB?
-How is Lloyds TBS different from its competitors?
-How is this programme different from other programmes?
-What benefits do you think you would gain if your placements would be in different parts of the country
-What issues do you think Lloyds TBS could be facing at the moment?
-Tell us about any leadership positions you may have held?
-Tell us about a time when you have worked in a team?
-Tell us about a time when you have dealt with failure?

I hope it helps. When is your telephone interview?

I would really appreciate if you posted your questions after your telephone interview.



Thanks for that, will be really helpful - mine is early next week. Will let you know the questions i have.
Was yours for Finance?
Hope yours went well



I applied for the General Management Programme. Good luck with your interview.



I have a lloyds TSB interview first week of Jan for Graduate finance program any help and advise on the type of questions I can expect is greatly appreciated… Thank You All.


when did you receive the interview invitation? when did you book it?

  • why lloyds - conservative risk management, culture, etc.
  • have something on HBOS prepared - advantages/disadvantages.
  • competencies…


Just wondering whether there were any updates on people that had had interviews with Lloyds for their management graduate scheme. I have a phone interview on 24th October so just trying to get as much help as possible, thanks