Lloyds TSB Graduate Leadership IT Programme


Hi all,

I received an email today inviting me for a telephone interview with Lloyds TSB for the IT leadership graduate programme. Can anyone who else experienced this give me some information/hints and tips regarding this process?



Hey I have the phone interview coming up on Monday. Any tips/questions that came up? Would help so much thanks


I did an interview around 6 weeks ago and was asked basic competency questions. I can’t really disclose a lot of info because I’m still awaiting results but there’s not a lot of technical queries, just a couple of questions about what sort of technology equipment you like to use and why and a general discussion of recent advancements in technology. Hope this helps!



Whats the job profile offered for the position ? What are the basic qualification criteria ?



Hello, How was your application for llyods Graduate Leadership—IT ? I am going to take a telephone interview tomorrow. Could you give me some advice and what they are going to ask?



well i have a verbal test in two days! and im new to the country so can you basically tell me d format of questions. as in just true false stuff or statement sufficiency is also asked?thanks for d help