Lloyds TSB Final Round AC


Hi there, I have a final round AC for the Finance stream of Lloyds TSB this week - has anyone been to an AC and can let me know what to expect. I know that there’s a set of reasoning tests, and then a “fact finding” exercise and an interview…

Does anyone know what this fact finding exercise is exactly? Is it a group exercise? What facts are we trying to find??

And does anyone know the format of the interviews? Are there set questions they ask you, or particular skills/ financial awareness/ motivations that they want you to demonstrate?

Many thanks!


Hi Lex,

I also have an AC this week - on earlier posts, it says that the fact-finding exo is just a role playing exercise, where you have to extricate information from an unhelpful ‘colleague’. However, on my email, there was no mention of any group exercises or presentations - yet other people have mentioned that they did these in their final ACs. Has anyone been to a Llloyds TSB AC and can shed any light?


Hey Lex & Yuh,
Would either of you be kind enough to shed some light having gone through it yourselves? What is involved in the group exercise and fact finding exercise? Never heard of the latter before…