Lloyds TSB Banking Group Assessment Centre


Hi all,

I have just gone through an assessment centre in Lloyds TSB for an internship position on general management programme, so I thought I’d share. They have accepted me on the programme, so I think some info maybe valuable for those who are about to go through the process. I don’t know if any procedures differ from programme to programme, so you will need to check that.

There are 4 stages - Numerical Test, Group Exercise, Interview and Fact Finding Exercise.

  1. Numerical Test.
    It is similar to what you would have done online, so don’t be too worried (if you didn’t cheat before :P). I found it more difficult and it does get more difficult as you go through the test, so try to be as efficient as you can especially at the beginning, while questions are not that lengthy. As I understand, they don’t expect you to finish it, so you will be only judged on the questions that you have answered. I am not 100% on this one, so it may not be exactly like that. Anyway, do some practice questions if you can and it all comes down to whether you can do it or not. They are not looking for very high result and all of us (8 people) have passed it.

  2. Group Exercise.
    Here you need to demonstrate how you work in groups. You are given some info to read (for 10 minutes) and then you need to discuss the case with your group (our group was 4 people). Be sure to read all of the info provided, it is doable, but I didn’t see one paper originally so I had to rush through it at the end.
    You definitely need to show leadership - your influence on others, how you engage other people and how they listen to you. Show original thinking - play with the information, don’t take it for granted - propose renegotiating of deals, different solutions to the ones that you have read and so on. Think outside the box. Put a lot of energy into that exercise, show your presence, influence on others and your creative thinking. But don’t be an ass and don’t be too aggressive.
    You will also need to watch your time as nobody will tell you how much you have got left.

  3. Interview.
    At the interview, they will mostly ask you about experiences that you have had. It is similar to the one you would have had over the phone so nothing to be afraid of. My interviewer was very nice and the whole process was quite relaxed. You will experience more interaction compare to the telephone interview, which helps the process a lot.
    What helped me here is interesting experiences that I have had. They listen to many people with the same examples, so try to stand out - think what you have done which is different (e.g. I talked about the business I have started). Try to come across as energetic, passionate and commercially aware. Do some reading on the banking industry, be clear about your reasons for applying to Lloyds and this particular programme. Establish relationship with the interviewer, prepare some questions (good questions can be about him/her - her experience in the company, his/her view on the future of the company etc).

  4. Fact Finding Exercise.
    This is an exercise where you need to read quite a bit of information and then present your conclusions to two people (50 minutes to read, 15 to present and 15 to answer questions).
    You will get a lot of information to read, but 50 minutes that you get should be enough. When reading, it is very important to be organised and efficient. Organise all the information, read it, make clear notes and filter through the information (not all of it is necessarily relevant). Watch your time - note when you have started and divide your time accordingly. I have finished all the reading in about 40 minutes and have left 10 minutes for preparing the presentation - writing posted, reading through my notes, thinking what I need to include in my presentation.
    During the presentation - the most important thing is to present your case confidently. They will challenge your views quite strongly, but you need to stand on what you propose and be sure in it. Remember that you are the advisor and you are recommending them on what to do, if you are not sure which is the best option for them - they are not going to be convinced. So stay on your choice and be sure to provide good reasons for it. Prepare well structured, clear presentation. Make it clear in your head how you are going to present. It is not too difficult as all facts are relatively simple. Be energetic, passionate, demonstrate commercial awareness (i.e. connect your case study to the real world), propose some new ideas which were not in your information.

I hope this helps. If you need any more information or want to share your experience, you are welcome to post here.



hi, thanks for all that information its going to be really helpful.
Just wondering how long did you have to wait till you got the email giving you details about what to expect on the day, its just that my assesment is next thursday and I still haven’t been given any information about the assesment or where its going to be and things.


Hey Peter,

thanks a lot for your insight. It is really useful. I would like to know if you can give us some more details about the fact finding. What kind of information do you have (graphs, diagrams, project time scale)? what kind of scenario did you have?




I can’t remember how long before I have received the email but I think it was way ahead the date - about the day after you have singed up for your assessment centre. Check your spam folder, if no email yet then contact them as soon as possible as there’s a lot of information that you will need to look at such as: what documents to bring (there are plenty), when to arrive, what to expect and so on.


You can’t really prepare to the fact finding exercise, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much, just perform best on the day and that’s pretty much all you can do.
The info that I had (might be different to yours) was emails, short reports (so both are just paragraphs with words and a few figures) and a couple of graphs. Main thing is to sort all the information out. So my task was to recommend which shop is best to buy. There was general information (concerning both shops), info about shop 1 and info about shop 2. It might be a bit messy, so just try to separate it so it is clear for you which info is which. Also always check both sides of the paper, the way they printed it is not very consistent, so just be careful not to miss anything out.

Hope this helps,



Thanks Peter!!! Which programme did you go for?



I went for General Management Internship. Different programmes might have different procedures but overall they should be pretty similar


I tried contacting them and have left so many messages bu they have still not replied. Its under a week away and its getting to the point now where I think there may have been some sort of mistake and that I was not even supposed to be invited to the third stage.



If they don’t reply, go to your university career service, explain your situation and ask them to contact Lloyds. Worth a try anyway


nbeg, I am also supposed to be attending this coming thursday, but have not yet received the exact details. I am guessing that you are going for the IT scheme?



I was just wandering if you could tell me the specific questions you were asked during your interview at the ac? would be really helpful for my preparation




The following information you might find useful:

The group exercise I did was about supplying water to the olympic games and dealing with recycling. I partook in a 50min discussion and I don’t think it matters what you do or don’t produce at the end - just how you act in the 50 mins.

The interview was where lloyds let me down, I thought it would be a chance to gain more information about my specific area I had applied to but my interviewer did not work in that area. I got the impression he had never really done compotency based interviews before since he proceeded to tell me which comptencies the question was looking before reading out the question, basically he was reading out the sheet of paper he had been given and never really looked up the whole time. The questions relate to your motivations to join and understanding of the Lloyds scheme, supporting a team, leading a team and some others I forget.

The presentation is the only really difficult part of the day. You have 50 mins to digest data and plan a presentation about some acquisitions and your choice. I was marked down for

  • lack of visual aids
  • lack of eye contact (since I had not really rehearsed anything, a lot of time was spent reading the notes I made)
  • lack of structure


I won’t be able to remember the actual questions, but they are very similar to what you have had at the telephone interview.

I remember questions about:
how you have solved a problem in an innovative way;
how did you overcome a problem in a team;
how did you support somebody in a team;
how did you manage many projects at once

something along these lines.
think about your experiences and don’t be afraid to think for a little while before giving an answer, they completely understand that you wouldn’t have an answer straight away. Try giving interesting experiences, it makes you stand out more



Thanks a lot for all this information! It is very helpful!

Which programme did you apply for? What tips would you give for the group exercise?

Also, did you get the internship then?!


i have not applied for the IT scheme but i’ve applied in the corporate sector of the business specialist programme. I’ve tried calling them and emailing them but they still haven’t replied so im not sure what to do. Its in 3 days so I really need to get the information. Its so frustrating that I don’t have any idea of what I’m expected to do on the day or where I’m meant to go!!



During the group exercise try to show how you can work in teams. Persuade people, make relevant arguments, make sure you interact with everyone. It doesn’t matter too much what you will have concluded as a team, but what will matter is how you did it.

Try to be persuasive, think outside the box, propose unusual solutions (the ones which are not written on paper) - e.g. propose renegotiating contracts to fit your interest.

Yes, I got the internship. Just got the contract and a like 30-page form to fill in. Gosh…=)



Thanks a lot… Congratulations…

One last question!

On the numerical test… how many questions did they have and how much time did they give you?
Was it harder than the online version we did?




I think it is 35 minutes for 32 questions. I found it harder than online, but don’t worry too much, I don’t think they are strict on the results.
Also, a graduate girl told me that they only look at the questions that you have done and work out the percentage of those (ignoring the ones you haven’t done). I am not 100% sure on this, but they do say that they don’t expect you to finish it.
I would advise just doing your best, work quickly and efficiently, don’t get stuck on a question what you don’t understand and avoid blind guessing. There are some questions, which you might try to guess but majority need calculations.
Also note that as you go through the test, questions become longer to calculate, so try to get through the first bunch as quickly as you can.

Good luck.



Everyone good luck for AC. Had mine in the last week. Some tips…

Numeracy Test- Everyone found it pretty hard so practise the day before… just try to do as many questions as possible. There is a low benchmark number to pass.
Group Exercise- Keep an eye on the time, try to make sure all speak, persuade on any points you have but be clear in your approach
The interview- prepare for persuasion and solution based competencies, why lloyds and scheme
Case Study- This is to look at your presenting skills, persuasion and logic so don’t worry which option you choose just know why.

Good luck.


which programme did you apply for and did you get it?


Hey guys,

Could anyone give me the number for the HR?
The number i used was (0)121 696 5038 and it has never worked…

I selected and AC before but I removed it by accident. Then, There is no options in the list at all. I am worried. I have been emailing Lloyds and left 2 messenges to that phone numbers. Noone replies me at all!!! Can anyone give me a number which is useful please…