Lloyds TSB Assessment Centre


Has anyone done the Lloyds TSB Assessement centre recently? can anyone advise on how best to prepare for the day?

Thank you


Which graduate scheme is it for?


General Management.


i had assessment centre today. I was not at all pleased by the way they conducted the interview. They didnt mention ,we have to have retail experience in job description. they didnt conduct telephonic interview but directly called me for assessment centre.After going to centre,They said that 40 applicants applying for same role,some with retail experience and hence we wouldnt consider ur application.
I told them,this is not the professional way.


I have a assessment centre interview on 1st March in Cirencester, can anyone tell me what to expect as I haven’t done anything like this before? I’m not a graduate, bit of an oldie! so any help would be very much appreciated.


hope u had an successful interview. i will have mine in few days and i would really appreciate if u could share your experience. thank you



Fingers crossed that it went okay, waiting to hear from them, they said they would let us know within 2 weeks.

It was very relaxed and friendly, there were 5 people in my group. We all had an interview to start which wasn’t competency based just a list of questions, when it was finished I did ask if we were going to do the competency questions next and she said no we were done!
Very basic questions about Why Lloyds? and What did you do in your last job?

Next we had a scenario to study for 15 mins on our own then discuss as a group for 20 mins, at the end we had to present our findings, we decided as a group to present our findings together, you can nominate one person to present if you want to. The interviewers listened whilst we discussed the scenario and took notes throughout.

Hope this helps - Good luck


Hi @Kazzer66 thank you for that. I have my AC in 2 days, and that’s really helped put my mind at rest. I just wanted to ask, was it for a customer service role? And also, how long did it last?


Hello Rachel

It was for a personal banking manager role - I didn’t get it which surprised me as the only other people there didn’t have any experience as they were from mainly mobile phone companies. I have years of experience, always been the top performer and have recently passed my CeMap exams with distinctions and merits. Unfortunately I didn’t receive any feedback so I am unable to pass on to you why I was unsuccessful but I do believe it may have something to do with my age as the others were at least half my age! of course they wouldn’t be able to say that was the reason. Anyway Santander have offered me a position now and my plan is to give the local Lloyds a real scare when I take all their clients away and sign them up with me!! lol
Good luck - Hope it all goes very well for you :slight_smile:

P.s I think the interview lasted about 3/4 hours altogether


Hi guys!!

I would like to know something … I have been invited for half day observation of customer assistant role in the nearest branch which I attended couple of weeks ago… now i got a call asking to book an appointment to have a quick 15 min chat with branch manager in local director office … do u guys know anything about where this is going to ?
if you know please update me as I have that appointment this Friday … anything you know like guidance or suggestion just lemme know it would very nice of you guys

thanks :slight_smile:


Hi anyone heard back from Finance a/c at Solihull on Thursday 22nd September (yesterday)?



Hi everyone. I was hoping someone would like to share their experience of the finance assessment centre. Did you have to do any logical/numerical tests? Also how did the presentation go. Thanks for the help.



I just completed an assessment centre with Lloyds. Not with finance but with Business/IT, but apparently they are all very similar anyway.

There were only 3 exercises on the day and none of these were numerical tests, although some of them did require calculations.

The candidates for the day are split into two different groups and each group will do certain activities at different times.

The day started with a presentation given by the assessment centre manager who explained about how the day was structured etc. We then proceeded to complete a competency interview which lasted for one hour. They asked many questions based around 5 different competencies. This was quite straight forward and the interviewer was really friendly. Overall it was a lot easier than the telephone interview and a lot more interaction.

There was a day in the life session after this which is not assessed, but involves talking informally as part of your group with a recent graduate and getting to know more about the graduate scheme which was really useful.

After lunch I completed the second task, which was probably the most difficult of the tasks. This involved reading through around 10 pages of data, emails, reports and statistics based on analysing products for a bank and choosing a marketing campaign. You have 50 minutes to prepare this and the calculations are all pretty simple, although there is a lot of information to get through. The key to this is read the brief and decide what information is most relevant, as more than 50% of it is not, so don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of paper. Once you have gathered your stats etc, you will need to prepare the presentation (still within 50 mins). To do this you have a massive flipchart to help with the visuals. The presentation will last for approx 10 mins and then you will be questioned informally for 10 mins on this. The key is to be confident and stick to your particular choice as you will be questioned on your key decisions. If you have good reasoning and stats behind your choice then you should find the questions simple and breeze through the last part of this exercise.

The final part of the day is the group exercise, with the group you were assigned with at the start. This involves a similar scenario as the presentation exercise and involves reading about 5 pieces of paper in 20 minutes and an individual scenario. You then come together as a group and discuss on this and have to come to a decision on which way you will solve the brief.

Finally there was another short presentation telling you about the next step and what will happen…and then you leave! :slight_smile:

The assessment centre manager then phoned all candidates regardless of the result 48 hours later over the phone. This included feedback as to how you did on each of the exercises as well. Fortunately I got offered a place on the IT scheme, and can say there is nothing to worry about. Just prepare as you would of for your telephone interview and practice presentation skills and you should be fine.

I hope this helped. If you have any more questions then just message me :slight_smile:


Hello guys!
I have my assessment centre in 4 days in Solihull, for a position in HR, so I was wondering whether I could speak to someone who has already got the job/ has some experience in these kinds of things so I can get a better picture of the process?
Thank you x


Hi guys, I would love to ask if it is normal that me and the other people (the AC took place on 12th March in London) have not heard anything from them yet? Even though they told us that they will make a dicision within 5 working days, we still do not know the outcome.


Also, I will share my own experience of AC for Commercial Banking Clients Coverage (Regions).

First of all, it will take the half of the day. We started at 8.30 am and finished at 3.30 pm. At the start they told us the structure of the day, gave us our personal schedules and made a small presentation about Lloyds Banking Group.

After, I had a competency-based interview that was literally extended version of the telephone interview. The guy asked me about Why Lloyds, Why this programme, What issues is it facing, What makes Llloyds different from other banks and then about 3-4 competency-based questions. In my opinion, it is easier than telephone interview as there is no strick restrictions on how much you wanted to say and there was much more time - it lasted for 50 mins. The last bit is to ask him/her questions.

Then me and other people that i was randomly allocated with in one group had a talk with a current graduate doing similar programme. Just make sure that you have enough questions in your head as this talk lasted for 1 hour.

After that, we had lunch. There were no assessors or any other random people except the candidates themselves.

Then we had 1 hour to read through a big case-study (we had 17 pages to read through), identify problems, prepare recommendations and the presentation itself. As soon as time finished, I needed to go to a different room for a metting with a person regarding this case-study, He was playing a role of a manager that had only 10 mins to listen to you and 10 mins to discuss it. Be confident and support your recommendations with relevant arguements.

The last task was a group task. Firstly, we needed to read through another case-study for about 25 mins and then I had a meeting with my group in order to solve it. The task we had was rather confusing and you could tell that by absolutely different views upon the results. But just make sure to be a good team member without being pushy and too self-confident.

Then we were told that we will whether hear from them by phone in the case we are successful or by email if we are not. The timeframe they told us was 5 working days, but we have not heard from them so far.

Hope it will be useful to someone!



DId you finally hear from Lloyds.

I had my AC on the 9th of April…but no email for rejection or phone call for offer…

am taking my mind off it now, as 48 hours sound ideal for an offer and time beyond that is always a reject email

please advise




Hi Essexking,

Yeah I’ve heard from them and I’ve got a job offer :slight_smile: I didn’t expect it tho after all this time, but probably they were checking upon the visa rules, as I am a foreigner.

So definitely don’t lose your hope now. In your case, you are even within their deadline.

Good luck!

Kind regards,


Lera, am delighted for you.

What day did you have your AC?
What day did they call you to offer you the job?
Whats the number of days in between?
Location of your AC please?

Your response will be highly appreciated




Thank you!

My AC took place on 12th March in London. They called me on 9th April. So just wait and do not think about any outcome before you hear from them.