Lloyds tsb assesment centre


Does anybody have any specific knowledge in reference to the Lloyds TSB assesment centre ?
Any information would be greatly appreciated


assessment centres seem generic to me, a1 = “competency interviews, group exercises, presentations”, you’re likely to be assessed throughout. a top tip though is to try an connect with at least 1 person, the more the merrier. once you connect, be professional but do your best to show enthusiasm. if no1 is being friendly then concentrate on the above labeled a1!


I’ve got my Lloys TSB assessment centre next week, can anyone give me any info as to what I should expect -types of interview/commercial awareness questions, case studeis, presentations etc. I’ve heard Lloyds TSB assessment days can be rather strange!



How did you get on with your assessment centre for LTSB? I have one coming up next week - any hints or tips appreciated.


is the AC interview competency based ? what should i prepare for the fact-finding exercise? thanks…



The interview is competency based, with the usual “why Lloyds TSB?”, “why this line?” etc. Can’t remember the exact competencies, but its not too different from the telephone interview in terms of content, but its a lot more laid back and relaxed. The fact-finding exercise you cant prepare for - essentially you read a case study, then get sent into a room where there is a person who is playing (acting) a very unhelpful colleague (who you have to extract extra information from). You’re not made aware of this really though, so when you’re reading the case study initially it is best you note down possible questions to ask this colleague. Only tip i can give you with this is to stay calm and patient because you may wish to hit this unhelpful colleague by the end of the exercise. You then go away again and write up a recommendation from the case study, before you go and see the actor again (who is now playing a different role), and justify your recommendation to him.

Hope that helps


thank you.


hey HighTower5

thanks for sharing about the ac. could you also tell something about the group exercise? and also, were the numerical and verbal tests the same as the ones we completed online earlier (graph interpretation / true, false, cannot tell)?

Cheers mate



You do the numerical and verbal reasoning tests first. They are similar to the ones online, but the consensus on the day was that the numerical test was extremely hard. Many of us didn’t think we passed it, but turns out we all did, so the pass mark can’t be that high. Verbal reasoning was not too bad, you tend to have come across a number of the passages and questions if you’ve sat a few online tests. The group exercise was difficult, mainly because they put you in a very large group (mine was 8 or 9), and as a result everyone tries to shout over everyone else to get their point across. Mine was based on the Olympics, but that doesn’t help you that much, because you can’t prepare or anything. Keep in mind that not everyone has the same information, and its very time-pressured and intense.

Hope that gives you a bit of guidance, and good luck on the day.


Sounds like fun :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for that mate, hope you got accepted!?


Hey guyz, I recently gave online tests for lloydstsb placement. The numerical was easy but verbal was kinda tricky and hard. Do you have any idea about the avarage they look for in both for the online tests to clear the stage.

Numerical test had 20 questions
Verbal - 24 questions


Hi Hightower5

Was th position you applied for a customer sales advisor? only thing is that when i completed the application online there was no numeric test or any other sort of tests fo rme to complete? are these extra tests that you can complete? if yes where would i find them on the website?

Hope to hear from you soon


hey i just want to know about the AC interview … I have my AC tomorrow morning for branch role customer assistant … when i been online on Lloyds website they mentioned interview takes place in 4 different sections is dis true http://www.lloydsbankinggrouptalent.com/selection-process/assessment-centres/

is it a group interview or one to one ?

I really have no experience in case study interview if you could please post some info it would be helpful … thanks


I’ve got my Lloys TSB assessment center interview for costumer service face to face, next week, can anyone let me know the address of this place in London.
All I have is this:

(Your selection has now been confirmed as follows:

South Assessment

Date: 25/07/2011

Interview to be held at
South Assessment)