Lloyds-successful telephone interview - on hold for AC


Hi everyone, I successfully passed the LLoyds telephone interview 2 weeks ago and got confirmation 2 days after my interview. However, in their email they informed me that due to the number of applicants and the limited number of place to the AC they could not guarantee me an place at an AC and they would get back to me asap.

Is anybody else in that situation? or Have people been in similar situation? what was the outcome? Did you get an invite or not?

this is quite a frustrating situation, knowing I passed the interview but not being sure about the AC just because of when I submitted my application.

Thanks for your advice!!


I am in somewhat the same situation apart from the fact that for me, I have been invited to a telephone interview but am effectively on hold. It’s been weeks, but I guess the best thing to do would be to email them to show your enthusiasm. They might progress your application quicker.


Hi econ_venturer, sorry to hear you are in the same situation. I have emailed them once but received a generic email restating what was previously said so I don’t want to annoy them too much, but I hope things will move forward soon! good luck!


I am also now in the same boat. Passed my tests and waiting for a telephone interview. I think they are trying to do all the interviews in order of receipt. So could be ages…but up side folks. More time to prepare!


Yeah i guess the best thing to do is remain slightly optimistic seeing as positions haven’t been closed. I received a reply when I asked about progress, but they simply repeated their previous email.


@ Econ. Just got my telephone interview invite :D. You?


That’s good. I haven’t got a date yet, but that might be because I’m applying to a different position. Good luck with it.


Congrats! may I ask you when you applied? good luck for your interview!


October 28th for the insurance programme.


I just had my ac this week and they said they would get back to me by the end of the week and haven’t as of yet! how long did you wait before you heard back from your ac? thanks!


@dlittle23 if you have been waiting over 2 days highly likely you’ve been unsuccessful. I heard someone had their AC on a weds and offered job on Friday. How was the AC? Any hints and tips? And what did you apply for please?


HI b_soltysiak, how was the tel interview? Did they mention anything about AC? Still waiting :frowning:


I didn’t make it :-(. I knew I was screwing up as the interview went along and concluded wasn’t the right scheme for me. I have an AC with Axa tho. So annoying you are still waiting. Terrible


So sorry to hear that :((( but at least you have the other AC which sounds great! good luck with that!


Hi PiKoko, have they gotten back to you with the AC yet? I’m applying for the graduate program and in the same situation as you.


Hi gundam25,

They told me my application is still active but there were no AC for hr planned yet and they will invite me as soon as the situation changes. Did they tell you anything more? Which programme did you apply?


Hey, is it for hr graduate? I’m applying for Risk. I tried to ask them via email but they just resent the automatic email they sent me, so no more information. I’m assuming that you gave them a call and they told you that? Hopefully, they are going to invite us to the AC soon.


hey, I have applied for the audit leadership programme and have a telephone interview. It is next week does anyone here know which types of questions have been coming up, are they all competency based or technical or a mixture.
Good Luck to all