Lloyd's personal banking advisor interview help!

Hi all,
I have applied for Lloyd’s bank personal banking advisor (apprentice) online. After application I was asked to do some test which I did and passed and then had a call from hr with interview date. Could someone please guide me about what to expect? Find it difficult with questions like what issues Lloyd’s are facing? What issues other banks are facing ?
Thank you for your help in advance

Hey are you able to update on how your interview went? Was it a 3 hour event? What type of things did you do?

Anything you could share would be really helpful!

Hi. The interview lasted an hour. It is pretty straight forward. Questions about working in a team , time you took initiative, adapting to change and all. I wasnt offered as they mentioned I might be over qualified for the position as it is an apprentice opportunity. Hope this helps,

hi ya xx sravanic,ever got the job