Lloyds of London Summer Internship Opportunities


Hey guys!

Just wanted to let everyone know, if anyone’s interested, that Lloyds of London have opened up a new internship programme beginning this summer (between June and August). It’s a brand, spanking new programme as they haven’t ever offered summer internships before. Applications have now opened and close on 12th April.

So, if anyone’s missed the boat so far and is still interested in being involved in finance/insurance then this might be a good way to get that foot in the door!

Good luck!! :slight_smile:


anyone heard anything back yet?


Me too


Hi, I got a telephone interview with them for the summer internship, on the 9th April, 2010.
has anyone had anythingthing on them, or a prior telephone interview? may need some help on this one, 45 minutes long… they arent messing about…