Lloyds (LBG) 2017


LBG has opened for application, let’s share experiences and thoughts


Thanks for this! I just got invited to Video Interview. Anyone in the similar boat?


I just applied for the finance leadership programme but it doesn’t specify a location and i didn’t pick one during the application, does anyone know where their offices are??


Hi, This link might help - scroll down and there is a relevant FAQ http://www.lloydsbankinggrouptalent.com/graduates/faqs/


Hi all. I got invited for the video interview earlier today. The stream I’m applying for is IT Business Management.

From my research, I believe it is mainly competency based stuff with a few ‘Why Lloyds/Why this stream?’ sorta questions. Will give an update on my opinion of the interview once I have done it.


Can anyone shed light on what type of questions came up in the video interview?
Was it all motivation/competency based or did they also ask technical questions about the industry etc. ?


Anyone had AC for Clients& Markets Scheme? What kind of product did you came up with to be the best bank for customers?


When is your AC?


tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:


Same here, wanted to know where the locations are for the assessment centres? Do they have any in London?


Hey how was the video interview? Do you remember any of the questions please I got mine to do within 5 days could really do with a heads up x


Any internship holders in London here?


I just got rejected after an interview in London, however I would like to share some experience. The questions in the interview were quite straightforward. Here are a few:

  • tell me abt urself?
  • describe a situation when u have to make a prompt decision/ when u have to deal with others to change a plan/ when u work in a team/ when u were involved in a successful team/
  • how will u feel if u are approved to work for Lloyds?
  • who do you think u r gonna be in 2 3 years time?
  • what research have u done b4 u come here?
  • why u? - i hate this question so much!!!

Hope this can help any of u who is waiting for the interview!!