Lloyds Internship Tele-Interview


Has anybody booked onto or completed a telephone interview for the Lloyds Banking Internship programme? I applied for the Corporate Markets internship, got invited to a telephone interview but havent heard in over a month from the recruitment team.

Any help/experience/advice would be greatly appreciated!


Thats the same with me.

I did the tests and got an email saying they would contact me in November to schedule a phone interview for december and I still havent heard from them.

I called the phone number about 10 times.

The call failed about 7 times, and the other three it just rang out.

Its annoying because I really want this one in particular.


Yep same with me, emailed 3 times and then the phone number works about 10% of the time.

I really wanted this one too, and its been such a tease making us wait for a month then letting us down like this!


Has anyone out there actually managed to book an interview?

I would be gutted if this one didnt work out but I would rather know one way or another now whether this means I wont be progressing.

The lack of information is less than ideal.


I have booked one for next week - a slot appears in your application console, however you should all have received an email recently about this.