Lloyds group telephone interview 2009/10


has anyone been invited to the telephone interview for their graduate leadership programme?

it seems that there is no information on this in this forum at all


I got one on Monday 12th. Trying to put some stuff together for it now. I reckon I’ll be one of the first cos once i’d made it through the online tests the “arrange telephone interview” section of their site hadn’t even been made yet! I’m pretty nervous, first one. Any advice would be ace. What sector you applied to do? Im in for HR.


when i passed all 3 online tests, the earliest time slot is 13th. my interview is on 16th. don’t really know how to prepare for it. they sent me an email saying it’s competency based but wont disclose the actual competencies they are testing on. i’ve applied to Global Leadership Programme - Finance.

there are some stuff on this website in the section of investment banking about lloyds interviews. they are for last yr. not sure whether they would still be useful.

would you be able to let me know the questions they ask in your interview when it’s done please?

good luck with ur interview!!!


yeh i’ll do what i can, 50 mins is a long time though! On this site it said 102/3800 applicants made it last year, thats less than 3% so i wont hold my breath, i’d be suprised if they take on as many this year too.

good luck with yours too mate, i’ll keep you posted.


thanks. 102/3800? where did you see that?


Hi , i have just done my verbal test, tonight. When did you guys get your interview bookin request, is it automated? i,e hours/days. Thanks


@ ramram After completing the verbal one it was a matter of hours (maybe minutes) as the tests must be automatically marked.

@briandp http://www.wikijob.co.uk/wiki/lloyds-tsb-interview-questions Quite a worrying figure, must be some talent out there.

What uni did you guys go to?!



I’ve got my telephone interview on Monday 12th as well but I’m applying for corporate markets. I expect it will be standard competency based questions, career motivation, commercial awareness etc. etc. I’ll try and post some tips after the interview.

Good luck!


Hi guys,

I too have a telephone interview on the 15th for the finance program. I’ve been reading on the gradaute website and they seem to emphasise three key competencies:
-commercial awareness
-motivation for applying to lloyds group

They will probably test more competencies, but its a start!
Any1 that has already had an interview, your experience would by much appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks & Goodluck!!!


thanks plintveld and top_cat87. any tips would be great.

How come there is hardly anything for Lloyds Banking Group’s first round interview on widijob? I thought there would have been something from people applied last yr.

There is not too much infomation for finance programme on lloyds’s graduate career website either.


what are the competencies they test in the interview? anyone knows?

In the email they sent me to confirm my interview they said they wouldn’t disclose the list of competencies this time.


Not sure what the competencies are this year, but last year they were given in advance on the graduate website. Commercial awareness, leadership, overcoming adversity, working in a team-conflict resolution etc…

Have a good answer for ‘Why Lloyds Banking Group,’ or ‘why financial services industry.’ They will probably ask you something about your degree and choices you have made throughout your academic life.

Be confident and don’t waffle even if they are silent on the other end- make your point concisely and follow it through to a conclusion- remember to link the example you a giving for a competency back to the original question.

Last year there were initially just under 10,000 applicants for the Lloyds TSB side, for around 104 places. It’s a great scheme though so really give it your all.

Good Luck!


ralphy- thanks alot for your input, are you currently on the grad scheme?

kito and plintveld- goodluck with your interview guys! any advise would be great because i have an interview on the 15th!


cheers bro, doing some last minute prep for it now. Had an interview for addleshaw goddard on fri so i reckon ive got some good practise backed up. Gonna have about a hundred documents open when that phone rings tmoz too. Good luck all, i’ll keep you posted.


kito and plintveld - Hi guys, how was the interview? I have one coming up soon and am really nervous, any advice would be much appreciated.



Hi guys,

I have my interview on the 14th (Tomorrow!)
Was just wondering how the interview went, what kind of questions they asked and the best way for me to prepare because they were very brief in their email!



shock187- I have my interview tomorrow, do you have any advice for me? i would be very grateful!



Hey got my interview next thursday, anyone have any advice? Did they last 50 mins? What % was competence based?

Thanks so much!


Hi guys

I had my interview on thursday morning and would like to share my experience. The interviewer was not able to complete the interview because they had technical problems, the phone kept getting cut off, so I only had half an interview!lol Anyway the questions they asked were-

Why Lloyds? Why this particular scheme? Why a leadership scheme? What problems is lloyds facing at present? How do you feel about a customer facing role and how does it fit in with your expectations of the scheme? How do you feel about relocating and how does it fit in with your expectations of the scheme?

I didnt get on to any competency based questions because of the technical problem. I’m still waiting to complete the rest of my interview!

Anyway hope it helps!


yeh pretty much the same as mine man, + some competencies. I found it more difficult than i thought because the lady interviewing me was such a cretin though. she asked “what problems is lloyds facing at the moment” i gave her about 5/6 answers, then she didnt even blink and said “how does this affect lloyds?”
Each one has a different effect! Clearly just reading off a sheet of paper. It’d be good for someone that actually knows about the firm to do the interviews, i guess that’d be too expensive.

Anyways, best of luck to you all, keep this thread updated with any successes/failures/thoughts.