Lloyds Graduate Scheme 2019


Hi has anyone been invited to sit a video interview for LBG finance programme?


Not yet. Did you get an invite?


i did for the finance programme


When did you get the invite? I’m still waiting for a reply. My account says it was last updated on Friday but no update on whether i was successful or not


When have you finished your online test?


I and a few others received mine yesterday


what sort of questions are u prepping for?


whats impacting banks at the moment, the bad / good quals,


Is anybody still waiting for a reply after doing the tests? I haven’t heard anything


Hi guys, I have a video interview to do and I was wondering if anyone has done it yet and can share some tips?

Thank you!


anyone heard back from lloyds after the VI


You will back after the 14th of December according to their timelines. Have you done it already? Do you mind sharing some insights and any tips what to prepare?


hey, do you remember any questions?


Any tips for the video interview anyone?


has anyone heard back from the video interview for finance yet? AC’s are supposedly on the 12th


According to the timeline, you’ll probably start hearing back tomorrow :slight_smile:


Who else thought the video interview was really hard? Wish I had more time to prep the answers.


Has anyone received Invitation forAC!?


anybody got reply for AC?


been invited to an ac on the 11th, anyone else?