LLoyds Graduate Scheme 2017

Lloyds Banking Group


Hi guys!
Around a week ago I completed my video interview with Lloyds banking group.
Today I received email :
“Congratulations on successfully completing the video interview.
We will be in touch shortly regarding the next stage of your recruitment process”.

Does it mean I am due to the next stage? Any of you got an email like that?
Many thanks


I received the same email this week. I’m assuming that the next stage is the assessment centre but i’m still waiting for them to confirm that.
What stream are you applying to?


I’ve got the exact same email. I presume it means you are through to the next stage.


Hi, are video interview questions the same as last years? Would you mind sharing any of your questions? Thank you! Good luck with your application!


@spinners did you get a reply after this?


i got this email too! but its been almost two weeks and i haven’t heard any more from them…starting to worry slightly…



I have received an invitation to take Lloyds Banking Group’s Strengths and Cultural Assessment and Numerical Reasoning Tests.

I would like to ask anyone who has done it

How many questions did the Strengths and Cultural Assessment Test have and how many questions did the Numerical Reasoning Test have?

How were the tests and what do you suggest is the best way to prepare for it?

Also to anyone who has passed the Group Strengths and Cultural Assessment and/or taken it I would like to ask

What advice do you have to pass it?

I am guessing it is important to read Lloyds Banking Group’s Personal Responsibility Code and considering all the things it says in terms of how to be committed and the actions to take in order to put customers first?




I got an invite to do a video interview with Lloyds Banking Group for the Business Management and Customer Operations graduate programme.

I would like to ask if anyone has taken this interview or any interview with Lloyds Banking Group and what questions were you asked during the interview?

How many questions were there?

Were they strengths-based questions or competency-based questions? Or both?

What advice do you have on how to best prepare for the interview?



For the SJT I would advise looking at lloyds values. I remember the math for the numerical test being very basic but you are measured on your accuracy and speed. Finally I would definitely recommend completing these tests ASAP as a lot of us have completed the tests and video interviews and are still awaiting assessment centre dates.
All the best


Hi, Saad

Can you share the questions you were asked?

Thanks a lot !!!



I’ve applied to the same role and through to the video interview stage, could you share the questions and any tips will be really helpful. Thank you.


hi everyone, is there a time limit for each question?