Lloyd's Graduate Leadership Finance A.C


Hi, so thought I’d join/start this!

I had my telephone interview for Lloyds yesterday and have since found out I got through :smiley: My AC is in Bristol on the 20th Feb!

Just wondering if anyone else made it through/ who else is on the same AC.

If anyone has a telephone interview for the finance scheme it was all about Lloyds, with 1 competency at the end… Standard questions…
Why Lloyds
Why the programme
The role includes customer facing why is this important… How does this affect Lloyds
Threats facing Lloyds
How this affects other banks/wider society
The competency was an example of when you have led a team (want an example pref in the last year)

Think that was it! Let me know how you all get on!


Hey choco-eclair,

I have an AC coming up soon and was wondering if you had found out any further details about the AC, Ideally what kind of questions they ask for the competencies Judgement, Drive, Execution and Influence? And whether commercial awareness questions like those in the telephone interview are asked again?

Look forward to hearing from you soon!


Hey guys, I have an AC coming up for the Finance role. Please could you share your experience with Lloyds’ AC. Thanks