Lloyds Corporate Markets - closed?


Hi there,

I’ve got a telephone interview scheduled with Lloyds for their Graduate Leadership Role in Corporate Markets at the start of January.
I’ve already taken their verbal and numerical tests and passed, so this is a first round interview.

But - and it’s a big but - on their website, they say they are no longer accepting applications for that stream because they have already filled their places! Does this mean that I will be interviewing for a job that doesn’t exist anymore? Or are they simply saying that they have filled their interview slots?

I’m really worried about it, since the job market is so hard these days, and every application counts. I’ve heard of Deloitte getting back to people between interviews and saying that the job is no longer available…is anyone else in the same boat? Has anyone heard either way? Thanks for your help!


i had an interview for an industrial placement in Corp. Mkts last friday and had no reply yet… Guess you’re right…


surely there are seperate quotas for the two schemes? it’s not unusual for them to take 5 working days to get back to you, so all is not lost yet.

I really hope they just mean they’ve filled their interview slots - I seem to remember somewhere that the deadline for applications was 5th december, and I got my app in before then…

Has anyone heard/know definitely either way? So annoying that I have to wait now till at least Monday, or maybe even until after Christmas, to find out!


Their website says that “due to high demand, we have met this years requirements and are not accepting further applications.” for Corporate Markets Graduate Leadership Programme (includes industrial placements). I think it’s over… Let’s hope I’m wrong…


Guys, why on earth are you worrying? I have an interview for Corporate Markets this January, and there are quite a few slots for the telephone interview. I even received an e-mail from one Phillipa Evans regarding the course of action to take if you experience technical difficulties on the online tests. I am pretty certain that they have the funds to recruit a few extra grads even if the above was indeed the case. Relax.


I just got a Christmas present - an AC invitation. I think they’ve filled the minimum number of places they need and will run down the remaining candidates and pick those who excel. I can’t pick a date for my AC, they probably don’t have any places left for January…
Anyway, Merry Christmas to everyone and good luck with it !!


I have passed a telephone interview and was invited to an assesment day on 7th jan for corporate markets but they had oversubscribed and are making new dates…they told me this before xmas and i hope they havent filled their jobs already! because they still have not given me a new date for an assessment centre yet!


Anyone had any luck booking an AC for corporate markets?

I’ve been looking regularly, and have not seen any dates available as of yet (been about 6 weeks now!)

I’ve tried calling and emailing, but no one picks up nor replies!

Anyone know what the situation is ?


Just got a phonecall saying the programme is full


has anyone else heard back from them?


Messidona: “Just got a phonecall saying the programme is full”

Did you apply for the Graduate position?

Did they call you after you received an invite for the AC?


Yes, graduate position within Corporate Markets.

I received this call a long time after my initial invite for the AC, so it seems like they are giving earlier applicants earlier notification.


That’s soo pooooor!

Well i might try calling them tomorrow!


@in_it - did you get through to them? what did they say?


They actually called me today…

Sorry to say guys… Corporate Markets vacancy has been filled up…

They still have positions available in IT, General Management, and one other thing i cant remember…

What a disapointment!


anyone heared back from them recently??


Passed through to numerical and logical… think I passed both and should expect to hear within 7 days (so they say) before heading through to tele interview - Summer Internship btw


could anyone share their telephone interview experience of wholesale banking and trading ?
what competence based questions you were asked?
thanks a lot!