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Is anyone waiting for an assessment centre?


Hi guys,

I just wanted to share my experiences of my Internal Audit Assessment Centre, that I recently had. I use this website often, and I felt that it was only right to contribute. Ps I also got the job, so feel free to ask me questions.

First of all there 12 of us in total, all from a range of backgrounds.

As we entered we were split into 2 groups, and we stayed with these group members for the whole day.

The first task was an interview. It was a mixture of both competency and technical. The questions that I was asked was relating to the role that the benefits VS cons of ACCA vs CIMA. And many questions asked me why I would prefer to do ACCA in contast to CIMA or ACA. I was also asked questions relating to competitors and Barclays in particular.

They asked me what differs us from Barclays PLC or RBS. And they really grill your knowledge in this. I was lucky to have firsthand experience at Barclays, so I could answer this.

Also as you are applying for Group Audit, you are expected to know what all differet stream in Lloyds banking group do, such as Risk, wholesale.

I was asked how can group audit improve productivity in the wholesale banking division.

the competency questions were otherwise basic. Such as tell me a time when you resolved conflict in the workplace.

The group task was relating to a real company called
Lumber Liquidators Holdings Inc, and we were presented with their financial information from the last quater, and asked to make improvements. So I would strongly advise that you search for this, and prepare before the interview, as this would mean less work on the day, and time is very limited. Learn more about this company, and why they are lacking profitability, and as an internal auditor what would you do to improve profitability. I mentioned ROCE.

Any questions for the Internal Audit Lloyds Banking Group Assessment Centre, please feel free to contact me.

I look forward to working with you.

The next task was a Role Play exercise, as mentioned above you had a pile of data to analyse and present findings. You cannot really prepare for this.


I am asked to go for a 1-to-1 interview for a role in a branch. I have been asked to take P60/P45 along with me. I think its quite unusual. Has anyone got any other thoughts?


Did you have to do verbal reasoning test?


Hi graduateapply_1!!

Can I be really cheeky and ask what kind of answers you gave with regards to issues that the banks are facing at the moment??

I feel that I am quite well prepared for the telephone interview, but after reading some of the posts, about people thinking they gave quite good answers but then didnt get the job, I thought I would ask you, as we know you were successful.

Any help would be sooo much appreciated!!

thanks in advance!