Lloyds Banking Group Telephone interview 2013

Lloyds Banking Group

I just had my telephone interview with Lloyds Banking Group for Wholesale banking & Market graduate program. The interview is very ‘different’ from the other interviews I had before. Not sure is that because of that guy is a new comer or it is lloyds telephone interview tradition, the guy asked me to speak very very very slow in order to type every words I said, and I tried to speak at my slowest speed and very clearly, he still sometimes can’t follow or misunderstood my points. I am a bit worried about that. He often stopped me speaking saying he got what he want and there is no time to continue. I have to repeat several times for each question, even each sentence for him. In the previous interviews, I can speak at the normal speed and the interviewer can still follow my points. So I am a bit concerned if that will affect the interview, I think he is just to keep record of my answers and forward it to others.

I am very keen to find out whether all the lloyds telephones are conducted by the same style or not. Anyway, it lasted 1 hour to complete, which I think it could be finished within 30 minutes in the normal circumstances.

Does anyone have similar experience with Lloyds? please share here.


Hello, I’ve just had mine for General Management and she told me the telephone interviews are recorded?
She also asked me to slow down several times!
As long as they understood our points and typed those out, we should be fine!


Hi Gradd2012, how long was your interview? Did the lady type every single words you said? How do you
Think your interview goes? Let’s just fingers cross we both can get through, did she mention when will they get back to us?



what questions did they ask you during the interview?? I have one coming up. Any hints and tips would be great ! Thanks


can i ask after submitting your numerical/logical tests, how long it took for you to receive interview invitation? thx


Does anyone know the dates of the assessment centres and how many people are invited to them per sector? thanks


Gabzybens, do you have the same experience as me?


yes I had the a similar experience, although mine lasted around 35 mins. I had a really nice woman interviewing me and I had to speak slowly and often pause so she could write down what I was saying. A week later I was invited to an assessment centre in Leeds on the 7th Nov and was wondering if anyone else has been invited too, and if there are other assessment centre dates? I am keen to know how many people usually make it to the assessment centres! Good luck everyone!


Thanks for sharing. I had mine last friday and still waiting for the outcome. How many days after the interview did they let you know the result? Hopefully I can get through then we will know more about the AC


She told me between 2-5 working days as I had mine on Friday too!
So we should hear back by Wednesday lovelife113 !

Dad, it took me about 7 days as I had to email them to ask for an update as they had a few online testing issues


Hi gabzybens

I also have an AC in Leeds on 7th Nov. What programme are you applying to? I’m for HR.


Hi, how long did they get back to you with the result? thx


Hey qwerty…

Congrats to you too! I am also applying for HR! I haven’t received any information about it yet, apart from that it’s in leeds! Have you received an email yet? Do you know how many people usually get to the assessment centre for HR, I think there are only 20 places!

lovelife-t I heard about 8 days later


I haven’t had any confirmation or information about the Assessment Centre either. I assumed it would be in London so I was a bit annoyed to find out it will be in Leeds! I’m going to have to stay over the night before… what about you?

So do you know that they take 20 graduates on? Is that across all areas or 20 for HR?



Well I live in Manchester so I will either stay over or drive there! Are you from London? Was there just one AC to choose from when you selected the date? I saw online that they have 20 places for HR, so just wondering how many people make it to the AC! x


I’m not from London but it’s a lot easier to get there from where I live. Yeh November 7th was the only date I could chose from. Do you think it will just be HR people there on this day?

20 places seems quite generous! I doubt there would be more than around 10 people at the Assessment Centre?

Feel free to PM me so we can discuss preparation and stuff!


Hey, i have a interview coming up. Can anyone offer any advice?



I’m not sure if my experience is the same as anyone else… however in my interview it lasted around 35 minutes and the majority of it was Commercial Awareness based… I was only asked 1 competency question.

I was asked the generic; Why Lloyds, Who are our competitors, Why are we different, Why HR…

I was also asked what I thought about working in a customer service role…

My competency based question was Give an example of when you have led a team…

The women that did my interview typed SO SLOWLY. I spent the majority of my interview pausing and backing up a few sentences.

Main advice; do research on Lloyds… know why they are different to their competitors, be able to answer why you want to work for them and some current issues facing the banking group.


hey qwertyhgfdsa,
Thank you for replying back, its much appreciated and congrats on getting through to the assessment centre.
Best of luck.


qwertyhgfdsa - as M.A. says above - thank you very much for replying. Good luck with the assessment centre!