Lloyds banking group offers

Lloyds Banking Group

Hi there,

I received an offer for the Finance Scheme within Lloyds Banking Group.

Is there anyone else out there who has recieved offers - would be great to share info etc.


Hey I got one as well for the HR Graduate Scheme…I attended the 14th December AC…which AC did u go to?:slight_smile: also do you know if there’s a FB Group yet?


Hey Congrats to you too…I try to do that and leave u a post here when I do:)…Hope to see u at the networking event in July then!


Yeah I am hoping London as well…I guess we just have to keep our fingers crossed…they said it depends on business need mostly but I am guessing the largest offices London, Bristol, Edi should have the most ‘business need’…


Btw, which uni do you go to? I am at the LSE doing a masters.


Hi there guys,

I’ve received an offer for the general management scheme, having had my AC on the 30th of November. Annoyingly don’t think I’m going to be able to make the networking event as I’m going to be abroad. Would be good to get a FB group going - as I can’t find one I’ll go ahead and set one up, otherwise we could all be waiting for each other to do it! Have named it “Lloyds Banking Group Graduate Leadership Programme 2010” - hopefully that’ll be findable.

Looking forward to meeting you,


Hey Archer! Well done on ur offer…thank you for setting up the group…fully appreciate it:)


Hi All,

Anyone know whether there are any places left on the Corporate Markets scheme? I’ve got the AC tomorrow but I read on here somewhere that they may have filled up already! Would be great to hear if anyone has any more information. Cheers


If you look on their website and check availability of programmes it shows that corporate markets applications for graduate places are closed. Hw, this basically means that they are no longer accepting any more new applications at this stage but they are going through the ones they already had. So i suppose if you have an AC tomorrow is because they might still be looking for a person or 2. Good luck!


Cheers, wasnt expecting a reply in time to such a last-minute question :wink: I understand it’s been closed to apps for months, but that goes for most grad schemes really. I think someone on here mentioned they wanted 2 more people as of November lol…which doesn’t bode well for this morning. But what the hell, lunch is free isn’t it :wink:


Hey Archer,

When did you have your telephone interview? And how long after that did they send you an e-mail for the AC?

Many Thanks,



Hey, I have an AC for HR next week, I wondered if you could give me any tips in terms of what would be useful in banking knowledge? As I’m a psych student and it’s all a different language to me!

Any info would be greatly appreciated



Hi, i was wondering if someone could direct me as to where i could buy numerical reasoning material that will meet the requirements of PSL? These could be either books or the net. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!!!


Hey everyone,

I was recently offered and accepted a HR grarduate job from the 1st Feb AC… so thought I best say hey and find out who else will be on the 2010 scheme?

Looking forward to meeting you all soon :slight_smile:

Kaz x


hi all

i have received an offer for general management scheme. does anyone who has received offers know anything about starting locations and the networking session in july?any info much appreciated, also is there a facebook group set up for people accepted on the grad scheme?