Lloyds Banking Group - Leeds - Risk Placement 2013/14

Lloyds Banking Group

I realise this is a massive long shot, but is there anyone on here that accepted a placement at Lloyds bank in Leeds for 2013? If by some small miracle, that someone on here sees this, give me a shout.


Hey, have you got your offer for risk placement in Lloyds for the previous year?

I am attending my Risk Placement Assessment Centre this coming Thursday. I truly appreciate if you could share your experiences with me.

thanks! =)


I have one in Leeds this Friday. How was it? Do you have any tips? Thanks!


Just seen your post about your lloyds interview which was a while ago.
I know you had your lloyds interview a long time ago, but i’ve got an assesment day coming up soon and wanted to ask if you could help me by shedding light on the process and questions please?
Any help will be appreciated
Lucy x


Hi, did anyone on this post actually complete the assessment centre. I have one coming up next thursday and would greatly appreciate any tips or what to expect. I was told that i’d have to complete an interview and a presentation of which they will provide 45 minutes for preparation. What is the presentation usually on?