llOYDS Banking group cultural assesment

Lloyds Banking Group


please has anyone taken the lloyds cultural assesment test for their autums 2015 graduate audit scheme and could be of great help to me will really appreciate …


Have you done the assessment? Is it difficult?


Hi ,
Yes I have done it isn’t difficult but I am not sure what lloyds is looking for . Unfortunately I did not go through this stage .


I have got one for 30 mins, is that same as yours? How many scenarios of total?


yes it is i think 12 not sure


Thank you :slight_smile: Btw have you tried any other banks that are easier to proceed to interview…


Nah haven’t tried yet , just only started RBS application today :slight_smile:


Alright, good luck then ! xue.qi2010@hotmail.com This is my email address and probably we can share some more information if you wish to because we all applying those banks…
Thanks for the great help! :))


Yea ,sure we can share some information mine is ( toritse2@hotmail.com)
you are welcome :slight_smile:


Do you still remember whether the assessment mainly tests your own personality and ability or the strengths and culture of Lloyds?


It actually tests your strength and culture of lloyds not really your personality . ( mainly if you would fit into lloyds culture )


Do you still remember is there a timer to ensure you complete the assessment within 30 mins like in a numerical test? Or you can do it for as long time as you wish?


No the test are untimed