Lloyd's Banking Group - Commercial Banking Products - Video Interview


Hi everyone!

I have a video interview for Lloyd’s and specifically for the Commercial Banking Products programme.

Anyone done a video interview with Lloyd’s before?

In their email they suggested some quite awkward questions to prepare (such as “What a ‘great’ day looks like for you - when did you last go home energised, and why was that?”). So i’m not sure what to expect.

Any help will be appreciated.



Hi there,

I was wondering if you had taken the video interview yet? Any tips on questions?



I just got the invitation to this in the past 20 minutes, looks a little bizzare! I think it’s brand new to this years application cycle. If you take the plunge soon any help would be appreciated! Will now start preparing.




I need to do one in the next seven days as well! i asked my friend who got accepted for this year’s graduate programme and she said she didnt do it last year, so this must be new! also i noticed that they do not give the exact date when to do it, so it must be computer-automated interview kind of thing or they will just record us talking…


Hey, has anyone done the interview yet? Please share your experience!


Do you guys reckon the video interview covers motivation for joining Lloyds/the role you applied for?


I’m covering that anyway, I think it’s for the best!



I have also been invited to the video interview for Commercial banking. I am unsure how the set out would be. Is it a question and then a timer? Does anyone know? If anyone has undertaken their interview could you let me know what kinds of questions came up as it seems a bit vague.




Hi guys,

I’ve had my interview yesterday. There were 12 questions, and you are given 30 secs to prepare and 90 secs to answer each. The interview covered: motivation (why Lloyds? why this particular role? what did you learn about Lloyds while completing your application? why are you fit for this role) and general competency questions on helping/assisting others, innovation/improvement of processes, overcoming challenges, etc. Make sure you you tell your story quickly (using STAR approach) because 1.5 minutes may not be enough. My introductions were to long on some of the questions and I ended up running out of time :frowning:
Anyways, hope this helps and good luck!

PS You will be able to practice your interview with the mock question at the very beginning of the interview. Make sure you look formal.


Hi, I have my interview to do in the next seven days, could you share the competency questions that were asked please, and if they included things such as, ‘what challenges did you face a long the way, or if you could have done anything differently what would it have been’?



Hey Sami910 & others,

Have you taken your interview yet? Can you share your experience please…What questions were asked?




The video interview is fine, it’s about 30 minutes, 12 questions and you can opt to take short breaks between the questions if you need to have a sip of water or anything like that. Can’t remember the questions but nothing too unexpected- I got no technical questions and only 1 or 2 commercial awareness questions, it’s basically all competency. Good luck! Got a call last week saying I had made it to assessment centre, anyone else heard back?


Has anyone heard back after the interview, how long did it take? thanks (:


Hi Fotis,

Do you remeber when you submit your application online, did Lloyds ask you to upload a CV?

I want to submit online, but I did’t find a place for uploading CV, is this all right?

Thank you!



hey! i was just invited to an innovation lab. any idea on what the difference iis between that and an assessment centre?


Hey guys! also got the innovation lab!

any idea of the sort of technicals we should be preparing for this?


forgot to mention - i got it for products


How was the innovation lab?
What kind of activities do you have to do, is it usual team exercises, presentation, and technical interviews?


How was the innovation lab?
Could you advise what the day consist of?


Anyone heard back afte the innovation lab??