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Hi everyone,
Has anybody had an assessment centre for Lloyds Banking Group before? I have one coming up shortly for Finance and was hoping you could share your experiences here!
If anybody is at the telephone interview stage I’d also be glad to help there too

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi ashtiany4 have you have your assessment centre yet? i have mine next thursday and I would really appreciate some help too!


k.kitkat, mine is on the same day as yours so I guess I’ll know someone there!
Message me when you get the chance!


Hi undergrad913,

Congrats on making it to the AC! Do you mind sharing your telephone itw experience? Any information (I appreciate that you might not want to delve into too many details) will be really appreciated.

Thanks and best of luck.


Any news on your outcome following the AC on 30th? How long after an AC do you get a reply? thanks


Hey and yes! Got a phone call the following Monday and a few days later the offer came through the post. Did you attend the same AC?


Well done!! I actually had an ac too but I don’t think it was the same as nobody applied for finance in mine! Still waiting for the outcome I am dying!!! Enjoy the good days ;))


Hey, I got an offer too from that assessment centre! I’ll message you :slight_smile:


I have a telephone interview for Commercial Banking (regions) coming up shortly and was wondering what they focus on? Is it more what you know about the role and Lloyds? Or is it more how you fit their character profile? (I assume their focus shouldn’t differ too much depending on the role)

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi there! I know there are some questions for commercial banking, namely, what do you think about a customer facing role. Other than that, the questions are mainly competency along with a few Why Lloyds and why your programme. That’s all really! Only lasted 25 mins!


Thanks, that helps a lot. Was worried there was a really heavy focus on them as opposed to my skill set. Glad it should only be around 25 mins or so.


Has anyone been for an interview for a customer advisor?
I’ve got an interview at the assessment centre and wondered what it entales as it’s 3 hours long


I had an assessment for the HR programme a few months ago but I would imagine most of them are pretty similar. Here’s how the day went on:

  1. Presentation about the graduate programme and Lloyds - not assessed

  2. Case study - we had one hour to review about 15-20 pages of material (data, emails, graphs, etc). It was basically one bank acquiring another with a totally different culture, and had to analyze issues from the perspective of finance, HR, communications, marketing, and products. We then presented to one assessor for 10 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of questions. The questions were pretty standard, such as “what information do you wish you needed”, “how would you prioritize your actions”, etc.

  3. Competency interview - very standard interview, the assessor was really nice. They asked a lot of the same questions from the telephone interview, and then behavioural questions linked to their competencies. Lasted for about 45 min.

  4. Meeting with current graduates (not assessed).

  5. Group exercise - same case from the case study. We had to work in a group of six to evaluate different charity work proposals for the company to invest in. From their feedback, it seemed like they were most looking for collaboration and making sure everyone had the chance to speak, rather than one person being the leader.

Good luck!


Hi I have applied for the Lloyds Leadership programme client coverage regions and will be having a telephone interview soon so I was wondering if anyone could share their recent experience with me

Thanks :slight_smile:


Have got an IT AC coming up in Solihull on the 9th of April…anyone going?


Hello guys! Congratulations for the offers on the Finance programme! I am attending an AC next week for Finance and I was wondering about commercial/technical questions in the interview. Did they ask about pros and cons on CIMA/ACCA? Could you please elaborate a bit?
Very much appreciated!


I have a Lloyd’s AC coming up soon as well. For Commercial banking-Products.
Any info will be appreciated! :slight_smile:


I have an assessment centre in Solihull in 2 days, so nervous! Really don’t know what to expect, is anyone going to it or had one before?


Hi All
Has anybody got an idea on assessment centre for Technology Graduate programme. I have telephone confirmation for AC invitation from LLoyds Group and wondering how the day would be. Waiting for their email and expecting more details regards AC.

Can anybody provide few tips how to survive on the day

Many Thanks



Can anyone know how the outcome of AC usually be informed. I just attended AC for Gradaute Technology Programme last week and hupetense what the outcome would be