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Hi all,

I have an assessment centre with Lloyds this Friday and was wondering if any of the people who took the AC today have any advice? One thing that i believe is different from last year is the numerical test. I am led to believe that it is a logical test this year instead. Can anyone confirm this?

Any help would be much appreciated!!




Sorry mate, I can’t help you there. I still have the telephone interview to pass ! Have you tried asking Lloyds’ recuitment team ? Though, I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t tell you anything helpful. Didn’t disclose much information regarding the telephone interview.

What grad scheme are you on btw ? Are the telephone interview questions similar to how they were before ? I’m presuming the usual curveball questions will be asked, such as:

  • lloyds’ advantages over competitors ?
  • issues facing banking sector ?
  • lloyds’ challenges ?

…right ?

Would love some help regarding this year’s telephone interview, as I’m not feeling confident at all >_< …Cheers !


Hi mate,

The interview is mainly competency based. I wasn’t aksed about how Lloyds is different to its competitors or the challenges facing the banking sector, or Lloyds challenges. Surprised me a lot!
Just know your competencies well and you’ll be fine.

I’ve applied for the general management scheme, what about you?


check your PM sub


Hey man, I’ve applied for the business & technology scheme, which doesn’t seem to be that popular as opposed to the finance or corporate markets scheme.

Yeah, that does seem rather surprising ! How long did your interview last ? Must be kind of difficult to keep the conversation flowing for an hour if questions are mainly competency based !

Best of luck with the AC…cheers !


Sub7, how did the AC go? I have mine this week! How did you find the logic tests and the interview?


Hey all,
Can anyone confirm that the numerical reasoning test has been replaced by a logical test? If so, whats it like?

Any help would be REALLY appreciated!!

Thanks in advance.


Hi guys, yeh it’s a logical test. Look on shl for the proper practise tests. I think it’s under abstract reasoning or something like that.
Sorry for the late reply Kelly, how did your ac go? I got the job so i’m happy!


Thank you sub7!


Hi guys!

I was just wondering if any of you know where I can practice for the Logical Test?? As im not sure which section this comes under for the SHL practice tests?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you


In the document i got about the AC … it says…

“Calculators will be provided for the numerical psychometric ability test but personal calculators can be used if you wish”

Does this mean there is a numerical test aswell? As if there is - i would wana practice one atleast before the AC!!


Hey Cookiegirl788,

I’ve heard from someone who has done the AC this year that the logical test practice is under the ‘Inductive Reasoning’ section on the SHL website.
I’m guessing that they still have the info about calculators on that document because they’ve used the old instructions from when candidates did have to do a numerical test for the ‘Before you Arrive’ section, and haven’t realised it still mentions calculators.

Hope that helps!


I’ve been offered a job, went to one of the early ACs at start of October. Any advice i can give please ask…

Anyone else with a job offer, would be good to meet :slight_smile:



Im attending an AC on monday! cd u jus giv a general layout of the day plz? is the logical test a diagramatic test? the interview just purely competencies? wt were the group exercise and fact finding exercise based on?



Thanks!! Yeah… i’ve heard the same thing!! I was just wondering, cz I didnt want to turn up expecting to do all these different tests!!


Hi sub7, well done on getting the job!

I had a telephone interview today (12/11/10) for the Lloyds Graduate Leadership General Management Scheme.

I got an E-mail 3hrs after the phone interview saying I had passed and have been invited for the AC day on 22nd Nov 2010 at Solihull. Is anyone else attending on this day!!??

Just to check you definitely didn’t have to do any challenging maths like the Numerical reasoning test we did earlier on in the application?
Also, is there any other general advice you could give about the group exercise or the interview?

How long after the AC did they offer you the job?



Hi everyone, I’ll just share what happened at my ac just to clear a few things up

Here’s what happened
Firstly, there is only a logical test. Yo can revise for this by doing an inductive reasoning test on SHL. You get 40 questions in 20 mins and the test is an SHL test. I only answered 34 questions and passed so don’t worry if you can’t do them all. They aren’t negatively marked either. You will definitely only have a logical test, no numerical test.
In terms of the other exercises, the group exercise you can’t really revise for, but i thought i did really badly as i hardly spoke, but what i said was good enough to meet the benchmark. So just ensure that you make at least 3/4 really good points, which can be easily done.
The interview is quite relaxed. I was asked why i wanted to work in the banking industry and the current problems facing the banking industry and Lloyds bank in particular. Then i was asked 6 competency questions, very similar to the telephone interview.
The hardest exercise is the presentation. You have 50 mins to prepare cases for and against buying two different shopping centres. I apparently did really well in it. I did that by doing a SWOT analysis for both shopping centres then summing up which one i would invest in. I didn’t use any notes (you can use them though) but i read from the big SWOT analysis sheets, which meant that i got extra marks for not using notes and the panel could see visually what i was on about.
So yeh, in general it’s not a bad AC at all. It was my first one and i was very nervous, but everyone is lovely and you are given several chances to prove your worth so just relax and enjoy it!
By the way, interviews vary depending on the programme. I was on general management. Finance I know has questions directly relating to financial issues affecting the industry.
I hope that helps and best of luck in your assessment centres everyone!

Tazrace- I got a job too on the general management scheme, what scheme are you on?



Thanks James thats great, I really appreciate it


thanks james!
that really does help alot - feel a little more relaxed.

Just another quick question tho - in the interview, do they ask why lloyds or why the banking sector? Because i guess even if they ask the broad picture about the banking sector - ull ahve to bring lloyds into this?


thanks james!
that really does help alot - feel a little more relaxed.

Just another quick question tho - in the interview, do they ask why lloyds or why the banking sector? Because i guess even if they ask the broad picture about the banking sector - ull ahve to bring lloyds into this?