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Right, might as well get a new thread going for the AC. They’re running 4 as far as I know, in between 02/11/09 and 09/11/09. All run from 0930-1630

Im headed to the 02/11/09. Any thoughts, ideas etc. post them here. Still awaiting the details of the day though.



which position did you apply to?


HR leadership programme. U in?


Alright, today I got details on the whole thing. Looks like a pretty standard AC. Some folk won’t even make it past lunch though, tough break! The details are still pretty sketchy; numerical test, group assessment, competency interview, fact finding exercise.

If anyone knows much about fact finding I’d love to hear about it.


There are still no date slots showing when I try to book my assessment centre online and it’s been over a week since they invited me. I emailed them and they said “This is likely to be because the dates have not been released yet, keep
checking back and these should appear shortly.” I’m wondering if maybe the assessment centre dates for corporate markets haven’t been released and HR has? Has anyone applied to the corporate markets scheme and managed to book a date?


Strange dude, maybe worth giving them a call?! I think corporate is assessed separately from HR, General Mgmt etc though so probably not too much reason to worry. Keep me updated.


hey dudes ive got an option to go to the AC on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th of november! However its in solihull which is about 3 hours from where I live, so its going to be a very early start for me! I applied to finance had my telephone interview at 10.45 this morning and was surprised to find out I have made it and such a quick reply too! Does anyone else have any other information of the assessment day at all? cheers!


Does anybody know what the pass mark for the numerical test will be? Really worried about it?
Godd luck with the ones on monday, if you get a chance pplease post how it is!


Does anybody know what the pass mark for the numerical test will be? Really worried about it!
Good luck with the ones on monday, if you get a chance please post how it is!


Im going up on the 4th


im going on monday. No idea about the numerical, Im not too stressed though. Reckon it’ll be very similar to the SHL stuff. I think the point of it is to show that you didnt have 20 mates helping you when you took it at home! Alot of firms say something along the lines of “you will be tested again to confirm that you took the tests alone” so hopefully thats all it is!

Good luck to all who are heading to Solihull this week



Hey All,

Good luck at your Assessment Centres!

Which programs did everyone apply to?




Hey All,

Lloyds Banking Group is being broken up. What does this mean for us?




Any idea what tests they do at the AC? Just numerical and verbal?



How have the assessment centres gone so far? I’m going up on Monday so if anyone has any tips that would be great.

Hope everyone’s has gone well so far.


Hi guys, can anyone give some information on what the assessment centre was like? I’m particularly keen on finding out a bit more about the fact finding exercise because I’ve never heard of it before. Thanks.


Hi, I have an AC coming up, anyone had theirs got any advice?? Thanks.


Hi everyone, I have an AC for the Finance Graduate Leadership programme on the 16th November, and would most appreciate it if anyone here could be so kind as to give me any kind of information relating to the day. I am aware that there was an AC on the 9th November, but could not attend due to another interview, so would appreciate it very much if someone could help me out. Thank you in advance!


Hi everyone,

Hope the ACs have been going well, I have mine coming up and getting really very nervous about it now! Has anyone got any much welcome/ needed advice after going to theirs? Any help would be most appreciated! x


Hi, so has anyone got an offer? I got one last week and was wondering if anybody on here also has?