Lloyds Banking Graduate Leadership Programme 2014


Hello everyone!
All the best in 2014 and success in career life to everybody;)

I want to take part in Lloyds Graduate Leadership Programme (I am considering Risk or Relationship Manager)
I did my on-line application(apart from submitting it yet as I want to mastering my CV).

I am really struggling about the CV how to show that I am really a great one to be taken,any tips??
And then telephone interview…Do you advice me to buy any special book to prepare for it and then for the AC excercise?
Last year I was taken to the job interview as a customer assistant and the question that time were like
why Lloyds,how you imagine yourself as a part of the company within next 5 years,how did you lead the team…Maybe I am panicking to much but I really want to get this opportunity with Lloyds Graduate Programme and please about advices.

Good luck to everyone with job hunting :wink:


Hey littlepony,

I was wondering if you applied in the end, and if yes, whether you have heard anything back from them. I applied last week for the Risk programme.