LLoyds 2021 Commercial Banking Graduate Scheme AC

Hi everyone,

Has anybody received invitation letter for assessment centre for Lloyds Banking Group in the next couple of days? I have successfully passed the Job Insight and I am preparing for the AC.

Is there anybody on the same page with me?

Thank you

Hi, I am preparing for the Job Insight assessment and was just wondering how you found this?
How many video questions were there and what kind of motivational questions did they have?

Hi, I passed all tests but I still do not have invitation for the AC. Can you tell me what is about? What are you going to do etc.?

I didn’t pass this exam, but my close friend seemed to pass it and also preparing for AC now. Can you please share some resources which helped you to get ready?

I would like to help him. I know that he was using Free Problem Solution Essays Examples. Best Topics, Titles GradesFixer to read more cases in the field. I mean cases when you need to find a problem solution, he told me that it is so important to have such competence.