Lloyds 2016 Intake

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Any updates?


Hey mate! I have just been invited for the Lloyds Risk internship video interview. Would appreciate if you could share your questions with me and for which programme they were


Hi, could you please share the video interview questions with me . Any help would be greatly appreciative


Are you applying for the internship programme?


Hey, do you have an update on this?


Hey, do you have an update on this?


Hey, could you let me know what the questions were?


Which programme did you apply for?


Has anyone heard back on their application for the internship programme?


Is any one scheduled for commercial banking SME and mid markets assessment center for the 30th of November ?


Yes in Solihull


Did any of you apply for the commercial banking business management graduate program?


Hi beegee. Did you hear from them in the end?


Never. My application was on hold until the 2017 cycle I applied again and I got to video interview stage and decided there was no point in doing the interview. Just a waste of time.


Hey have you heard back from them yet?


nothing yet lol


does it say you’re a referred candidate when you go into the graduate login?


Says ‘download your assessment centre report, ignore if referred candidate’ and there is no report…


Just checked and mine says the same!


Has anyone heard back from the video interview for the summer internship?