Lloyds 2016 Intake

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How did you access the feedback? I got an email saying I need to login to download it but when I logged in there was no link for anything :confused:


I got the same email today & it won’t work either for me. I still haven’t actually been told if I’ve got an offer or not so it’s frustrating not being able to access this to see how I’ve done!


I’ve been told what I expected I passed the AC but I’m on a reserve list but I only found out after calling them multiple times so I’d suggest chasing them up on it tbh but I can’t access the feedback either it’s really annoying :confused:


She told me on phone to give it a couple days for the report to show & if it’s still not showing to call them. I’m assuming I’m probably on a reserve list too but they cant give me answer - definitely frustrating! She said all the AC’s are done now so the recruitment process should be finished soon


Hello everyone, I was wondering if there is still hope to be accepted for a summer internship in it management. I had the video interview almost 2 and a half weeks ago. Got the “you have successfully completed the video interview” email, but nothing new since then. No email, no phone call.


Hiya. You will get a separate email with a link to your report. I had the same and when I rang them, I was told it has something to do how the system works.


Anyone heard back from Reed?


Ahh ok I see thank you!


Mine appears to be working now, it’s on the application page when you log on. Definitely quite generic but I seem to have done well in group exercise and some of the interview but not the presentation, which I thought went well. I still haven’t had a response so I think I’m probably on a reserve list like yourself.


I’ve seen mine as well. I thought I did well in the interview and not the presentation cos my assessor really didn’t like my idea very much but my feedback seems to suggest it was the other way round! I would suggest calling them until you get an answer that’s what I had to do how long have you been waiting for?


For those hoping to get a place on the business management & customer operations summer internship… they have filled the positions. I rang today as I hadn’t had any correspondence since the “you have successfully completed the video interview” email… annoying!


That’s always the way! I’ve called twice and emailed once now I feel like a nuisance lol just over 3 weeks now :frowning:


Got an offer for Business Management and Customer Ops.


An internship or a graduate scheme?


Are you sure? In their email it was stated that they haven’t made it their minds yet and they were still reviewing passed interviews


Business management internship is 100% full, maybe the graduate programme isn’t!


This practice is disgraceful. Not only they lie to our faces by telling us " we are still reviewing etc" but also they show a callous disregard towards applicants. I am hurt by the organisation, they should really try to speed up their processes and shorten their deadlines since they have so many applicants. Furious…that sucks guys…sad




Finally got a call today to say I passed the assessment day but the scheme I applied for is full so they have offered me a spot on Retail scheme as it has spaces. I just need have a quick chat with one of their hiring managers for 10/15 minutes and if they are happy enough I’ll get an official offer! Took long enough but glad I have finally got somewhere!!


Yay! Well done!