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Has anyone else called in to find out the result of your AC and been told it will take up to a month to hear back and not within 7 days as previously told???


I haven’t had my AC yet, maybe they are getting all the AC’s done and then making offers? Which contradicts their original application process which says 7 working days!


Hello! I waited 6 working days to get a reply after the AC. Hang in there!


Nahh I know they’re not doing that. they’re making offers straight after, but not sure when exactly they’re telling people


When was your AC? I’ve been waiting almost two weeks ago now still nothing :-/


I applied for clients and markets back in September. Scored 90-99th percentile in both tests and then passed the video interview in october. Was told due to ‘unprecedented applications’ (the usual jargon recruitment seem to universally use) my application was on hold. Found out today all programmes have been filled, but they would let me know if anything else arises. My guess is if you already have an AC booked you’ll be OK, if not, unlucky I think that’s the end of the road for you


Yep got that sh**t too today… advice for anyone that is applying for Lloyds in the future. DONT APPLY FOR THEM !


Received the same email earlier, also.


did anyone here attend the retail banking AC in Solihull on the 1st of Feb? and has anyone heard back yet?


damn man, that’s some bullshit. Hopefully you got through in another place.


I received a call earlier today and got an offer!! 7 working days after my AC. Good luck those still waiting and to those who have AC's coming up. Please feel free to message me if you want to know more about the tasks. I'm waiting for my AC feedback report to be uploaded, but once I have it I will post on here the advice it gives, it may be able to help you understand what you need to do to pass. Best of luck everyone!!


Hi congratulations! May I ask which programme you applied for? I had AC yesterday, didn’t feel confident about my interview as the guy did not show much interest in my answers. I don’t know if I should feel bad now, please give me some advice.
Thank you x


Hi, good luck try not to fret too much, hopefully you will receive good news!! I don’t have my feedback report yet but in my interview I just made sure I showed alignment to the LBG values and strategies and also emphasised my alignment with the key characteristics graduate employers look for. For example, in the “What do you enjoy” question I talked about collaboration and how I thoroughly enjoy working with others (e.g with my sports team, ensuring individual team players are happy and positive by providing extra training/support etc… to ensure success as a team) and how this aligns with their core value of making a difference together. I hope this helps somewhat!


they all look like that, dont worry. i felt the same way and i got a place, just hang in there.


Does anyone have an AC on the 15th of Feb 2017? and for Consumer and Product Management in particular?


Congrats! I just wondered if you did the five minute presentation and have any advice on what they’re looking for as this is the part I’m most concerned about? Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi, I found out after nearly three weeks. Everyone seems to be finding out at different times.


Yes I do!


Hi there! I have my AC on Wednesday for Consumer and Product Management. Ive got an idea for my presentation but unsure on the format to present as we don’t have access to a projector! Could you give me some advice on how you presented your idea?

My email is icjtaylor1@sheffield.ac.uk

Many thanks!


Hi guys, anyone have an AC on 9th March for the IT Business Management scheme? I waited just over 4 weeks to get an invite! Any hints and tips from others who have already attended the AC for this scheme will be much appreciated :slight_smile: